Breakfast at Chin Mee Chin Confectionary, Singapore

One of the things I knew Boy needed to try was a traditional Singaporean breakfast. When I was younger, my Mum would take me to Hawker Centres for soft boiled eggs and a milo, and I was determined for Boy to try something from my childhood. I searched online for the best place to take him and Chin Mee Chin Confectionary came up as one of the most famous places for a traditional breakfast. So away we went!




We were very excited. I was probably a lot more excited that Boy, especially after I’d dragged him accross Singapore for it (not that that’s actually too far).


First up was Kaya Toast with Butter. Their bread isn’t ordinary toast, but toasted soft rolls.

Kaya is amazing for those who haven’t tried it. I always make sure to bring a jar back from Singapore with me so I can have it wherever!




We watched the women there work and boil the eggs. They are seriously experts.

After some confusion of whose table ordered what and swapping our orders, our Milo (mine), coffee (Boy’s) and two soft boiled eggs came.



You crack it yourself onto the plate. I always add the soy sauce, which is sweeter than normal soy, to it and it tastes AMAZING.

I’m begging Mama Bridges to get some sweet soy for me and bring over. I gotta make this at home.




Also, you’ll find that one egg each is not enough. We ordered another, and Boy was even tempted to order more after that. He was in love, which made me so happy. Hehehe. Another win for Singapore!

Before we left, we made sure we got some custard buns and egg tarts for the road.




Serious win at a local treasure. Who needs to pay for an expensive brunch when you have this!

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