Dancing Crab (Round 2) + Nunsaram, Singapore

There are some places you go and things you do that are so memorable that you need to take people when they visit. Partly because you want to go again, and another part because you want them to know how awesome you are that you come here.

This place was Dancing Crab. I think it’s important I post a Round 2 since I went before, however that was all the way in Turf City whereas this is on Orchard Road. Big difference for anyone who knows Singapore. I was actually about to go to the Turf City branch until I was told otherwise. Phew.


Dancing Crab is great. Book in advance if you want to go. There’s a line outside and that’s just for those who booked – those who didn’t got turned away instantly.

I walked in very smugly (after my 10 minute wait in the line).


We put on our bibs. We were born ready for this.







I remember the Lemonade here is insanely good, but I didn’t order one this time. Mainly because I forgot until I saw someone else order it, and by then I was elbows deep into crab.

Boy ordered a Coke though.


First up were the Crab Cakes. These are SO, SO good. Always a must-order.


Then some Spicy Cajun Fries. They also have Truffle Fries too for the fans. Singapore is obsessed with truffle fries, they’re absolutely everywhere.


A little Coleslaw…


And then the main event came around.

We ordered two of the Combo Bag #1, which came with 1 Sri Lankan Crab, 300g Prawns, 250g Clams, Potatoes, Corn and Sausages.

You get to picked what it’s mixed in, and our first was Dancing Crab Signature Spicy.


Pour it on.




The next was Zesty Garlic Butter, which was my personal favourite. There are loads of generous garlic chunks which I absolutely love. I be smelling sweet tonight!



They kept it in the bowl so the sauces wouldn’t mix with the Combo Bag on the table.



We were ready. Let’s do this.





It’s so messy and delicious. You just have to get super animalistic and dive in. It’s SO much fun.

Our Grilled Butter Roll then came, which was perfect timing to dip into that garlic butter sauce. Oh mannnnnn.




It was the BEST. A must must must go to for everyone visiting. The only thing was I then saw the tank of crabs and lobsters trying to crawl out and got really sad. It was a very maybe-I-should-go-veggie moment.

Afterwards, we headed downstairs to Nunsaram, a Korean dessert cafe. Dessert with flavoured shaved ice is a huge thing in Asia. I perved on some orders at the counter to see what looked good.


I think that was the Choco Banana Bingsu and the Oreo Bingsu. They decorate it beautifully with ice-cream, cream, syrup, you name it.

We were stuffed but went for two to share, which ended up just being inhailed by everyone. The first was the Red Bean Bingsu. My first Red Bean experience!


It’s a favourite amongst Singaporeans. I thought it was good, but nothing out of this world. It was better when we got extra condensed milk and poured it over the shaved ice underneath.

I thought the seriously delicious one was the Oreo Bingsu, thanks to all the cream and ice cream that came with it, since the ice is kind of plain.


The perfect way to end the night – fighting over dessert. Pretty standard, really.

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  1. May 15, 2016 / 9:17 am

    Hi Miss Bianca,

    It was pleasant to read your cool reviews on your coverage of dancing crab.
    Reading your reviews was all the more made with ease due to the simple and sleek design and layout of your wesbite.

    Will definitely recommend my “foodcraze” friends to your website.

    Having said that, I realise that spicy food is missing from your resume.

    It would be great if you can do reviews on spicy food around the globe.

    Last but not least, I would like to send my regards to your lovely sister who has been suffering weight problems. Hope she’s doing well and may she recover soon.

    God Bless!


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