Dessert at Ice Monster, Taipei

Once Ming heard that we’d tried Nunsaram in Singapore, she knew she had to take us to the real deal. Boy and I hopped on a plane and, next thing we knew, we were in Taipei! (Okay, not just for that reason, but partly to see Ming and Mum and partly to eat… a lot).

We had dinner planned for later, but what’s a light snack if it’s made of shaved ice?


Ice Monster was no quick snack, though. I mean, it didn’t take long to eat, but it was the waiting time that got me. People were desperate for this. It was probably 3 or 4 in the afternoon and the amount of people was ridiculous!



We got to the back of the queue. This better be worth it.


Look how cool it is! They put flavoured ice in the machine and it shaves it all up into icy perfection! I need this machine at home.


One of the guys working there saw me take a picture and asked me to stop, genuinely saying “What is wrong with you?”. Oh really Taipei, that’s how it’s going to be? Sorry, asshole. All photos from then on were ninja sneaky.

In addition to their menu, they serve ice-cream pops too.


Finally, finally, finally, it was our turn. Look at everyone smug with their food. That was about to be me.



Smug as a bug.



The first we ordered was the most popular – the Mango Ice Monster Sensation.

Mango shaved ice, with mango bits, mango ice cream and a kind of milk jelly.



So so so good. The ice made it so light and refreshing, and it was so much better than Singapore because the ice here is flavoured, so it’s never bland.

Our second one was recommended by the waitress, it was the Coffee Ice Monster Sensation.


Coffee with milk jelly and Cookies & Cream ice-cream, as well as a glass of coffee jelly cubes to pour all over it.



I wasn’t a fan of the jelly cubes but everything else about it was delicious.

What better way to start our first ever time in Taiwan? Hooray for Taipei!

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