Breakfast at Grind Coffee, London

On my quest to tick off a good handfull of breakfast places before I moved abroad for half a year, I roped Mama Bridges and Ming into coming along for the ride (aka driving me there as yes I still have not passed my test, thanks for asking). It didn’t take much convincing, I’ll be honest.

We were headed down south for a good old drive to MUD when we noticed the bridge was closed. FFS. Not again. It would take absolutely ages, so I had the bright idea of going to Grind Coffee instead, which was around the corner in Putney. And what a bright idea it was!


Why didn’t I ever come here sooner? It wasn’t too far away, and it was absolutely fantastic. The ideal place you’d want to come on a morning. EVERY morning.









It was fairly nice outside, so we grabbed a table in the back. The roof was on today though (I said fairly nice).



Mama Bridges was parking the car, so we ordered some coffees. A decaf for her, of course.


Ming ordered her Americano and whipped out a packet of her Stevia. She’s doing health right.


I had my Americano with soy milk.




And then the food. Oh the food.

You know it’s a good place when you can’t decide on what to order between a fair few great options, but I took the plunge and went for the Breakfast Burrito. If you order the standard one, it’s a free range scrambled egg in a tortilla wrap with chorizo, sour cream, cheddar, and a touch of chilli and corriander. However, I don’t eat chorizo, so I asked if they’d put mushroom and avocado in it instead. They said absolutely no problem. And here it is, the gorgeous thing.



It was insanely good too! Exactly what I needed to start the day off.

Ming decided on the Quinoa Power Pot, which was served with banana, pecan, pumpkin seeds, dried fruit, mixed berries and a dollop of Greek yoghurt. Oh yeah.


Such a great place. Mum and Ming aren’t really that into coffee (whereas I’m a coffee snob), so they were blown away at how good it was (as was I, of course).

Hoorah for good coffee!

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