Breakfast at Truth Cafe, London

I remember when Ming first tagged me in a picture on Instagram that was taken at Truth Cafe. My first thought was “Holy crap that looks good”. The second thought was “Where is this place?”. A light shone down on my iPhone when it said it was in fact in Hammersmith. Good coffee and breakfast near us? HELL YESSSS!

On the way home from us being gym bunnies, we stopped by to fuel up. I never understood people who missed breakfast. Not for me.


Truth Cafe is super cute.






Wait, what was that? Did I see it right?

BONSOY YES YES YES YES (My soy milk obsession, if you didn’t already know by now. You totally should know though).



What to order, what to order?


Coffee, obvz (I’ll probably read that in a year and regret putting in the z, but I’m sure you get my sarcastic tone).


Little Ming putting her Stevia packet in the background. Mine was all bonsoy-ed up real nice.

And here’s me looking like a greasy creep.


It’s not a fashion blog, okay? Although that sports bra is doing me wonders.

I hate to say it, but StalkerCam came back out. I’ve really tried to put it behind me, but I just can’t. Here’s a lovely lady reading a book, drinking a green juice served in an awesome milk bottle. The picture was, of course, to show everyone that they serve juice in cool milk bottles. I can’t help myself. I feel you need to know.


Ming’s order was the perfect post-gym order. Eggs Eggs Baby – Poached eggs on sourdough toast. A little lonely without some veg if you ask me, but I see a little lettuce peaking through. Does that even count though? It’s, like, mostly water…


I went the opposite direction (kind of, I guess the proper opposite would be pancakes or something?) and got the Vegemighty, which is like a veggie full English.

It comes with a fried egg, grilled haloumi, wilted baby spinach, roasted field mushroom, grilled tomato, avocado, hash brown, house braised beans and sourdough toast. Oh yeah.

I went full diva though and asked for scrambled eggs instead of fried. I also asked for no haloumi (yes I know I’m crazy, but sometimes I feel sick when I have too much dairy!) and cheekily asked for maybe an extra egg instead? Hehehe.


It was simple, but delicious. If you were perving on the pictures of the cakes like I was, it’s safe to say I’ll easily become a regular. And bonsoy? The dream.

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