Brunch at Flotsam & Jetsam, London

It was one of those days where one meal of scrambled eggs wasn’t enough. I had to have it twice.

After our morning and Truth Cafe, I went over to my aunt Tracy’s house with Hamish to help her move in. When I say that, I mean I unpacked boxes whilst Hamish sat on the couch. Lazy shit.

Anyway, after a few hours I was pretty pooped (and hungry). The best part of her moving to Wandsworth (apart from the gorgeous house) is that IT’S RIGHT BY FLOTSAM & JETSAM AND THAT’S ON MY LIST OF PLACES TO GO! I asked Tracy if she wanted us to get her a coffee (she did) and Hamish and I took off for some food.


I already loved this place. Look how lovely!






Drooling already, and I hadn’t even read the menu yet.


That was a bit of a lie, I’ve stalked the place before and pretty much knew the menu off by heart (yes I’m a food freak, good thing I have a blog, ey?).

I ordered a juice (I think it was watermelon and lime?) and it was yummmm.


Here’s me looking like a thumb as I drink my juice.


Hamish ordered a coffee, which I was super jealous about since I really wanted one but I can’t drink two coffees in a day. My heart starts racing and I go nuts.

Look at the cute little jug for the milk!



I had a sip and it tasted delicious.

I pretty much could have had the whole thing with the amount of attention I was getting though. I hate modern technology sometimes.


But, oh, did the phone get thrown down once the food came.


Hamish ordered a dish that people have dreamt of: Pulled Pork Hash – Sweet potatoes, shallots, spring onions, fresh chillies and a poached egg. He ordered it with a side of halloumi, that genius. I knew we were related.



I had the beautiful Chilli & Feta Scramble. It was scrambled eggs, pickled chilli, feta, lime on toasted wheat & rye sourdough.


It was SO good.

But I know what you want to see more of….



Drooling. Check that piece of crackling too.

Once we were done, we couldn’t forget about Tracy’s coffee.


I might become a very regular visitor to Tracy’s…

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