Brunch at Kalaset, Copenhagen

My hunt for the top brunch spots in Copenhagen continues. Someone asked me why I like breakfast so much the other day. It is still unclear. I’m just good at breakfast. Breakfast gets me. And it’s delicious.

Boy’s friends Guy and Liv had just arrived in Copenhagen – they’d been travelling around, backpacking all over Europe. So obviously that had to be celebrated with something that only brunch can fulfill. I scrolled through my list of brunch places to visit and Kalaset was the lucky winner today!


At 11am on a Sunday it was packed full of people. Obviously.

The walls are covered with old radios, which I loved.



Guy and Liv had been waiting there for us, so by the time Boy and I arrived we had a table ready. Huzzah for good timing and not having to wait!


Always make sure you ask for the English menu when you eat in Copenhagen. Most places will have both Danish and English for you.


They know their spreads here. You get little bowls and fill them up with whatever spread. We got a couple of homemade jams and their homemade Nutella.


There were also coffees. Lots of them.




Yep, that black Americano is mine. Unless there’s almond/coconut milk, it’s no milk. I miss Bonsoy so much it hurts.

Now let’s talk about the breakfast… After Cafe Norden I’ve been obsessed with breakfast platters, and that’s something Copenhagen loves. Boy and I shared a couple of things, starting with the Tante Green, which is their veggie platter (they also have a Tante Vegan for you vegs!) It’s scrambled eggs, grilled vegetables, falafel, oven baked potatoes, hummus, brie, greens, fruit, skyr and homemade roasted musli, bread and butter.


So good, but the scrambled eggs is the same as everywhere else in Copenhagen (if you remember what I said about it, that it’s kind of dry and not great), which was again the only dissapointment.

Liv got the Mormor, which is the same thing but with scrambled eggs, bacon, chilli sausages instead of the hummus, falafel and veg.


Guy went for a couple of things – first it was the Kødbyen – scrambled eggs and bacon on organic rye bread.


He also went for the Blueberry Pancakes.

The pancakes here are THE thing.


… And this is how I’d know.

The second thing Boy and I shared was the Banana & Chocolate Pancakes. Two golden, thick, homemade pancakes.



INSANELY good, as you might have guessed. Holy shit.


Another one off the list, and it’ll probably make it onto my ‘Copenhagen best of brunch’ list. Which just means I’ve got the rest of the brunch places in this city to go!

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  1. Ming
    September 30, 2015 / 10:18 am

    Very much looking forward to brunch in coopenhagen

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