Pineapple Tarts from Chia Te Bakery, Taipei

There’s one thing that Boy always asks me to bring back for him when I go to Singapore, and that’s pinapple tarts. He was first introduced to them when we got too many at Chinese New Year (although can you really ever have too much?) and brought a box home for him/myself. He never looked back.

Mama Bridges knows about his deep romance with pineapple tarts, and took us to what she said was the most famous place in Taipei to get them, Chia Te Bakery. We got there and there was already a massive queue, only letting a certain amount of people in the shop at a time to avoid crowding.


We took our place in line, and even more people gathered behind us after only a few minutes. This place is cray.



Finally, after jumping up and down for ages, we were inside! Huzzah!



So apparently how it works is, for the tarts, you get a box and fill it up yourself. You can also get a tray and put all kinds of goodies on it, then pay at the counter.

I ran around like a lunatic for about 10 minutes until Mama Bridges asked someone where the pineapple tarts were. You can only get them when you ask for them at the counter. Holy crap, this must be some good stuff.


There were plenty of other treats to look at… I tried to see what people were stocking up on to know what was good. Sneaky, eh? I thought so too.








I went over to the fridge, where there was some crazy-delicious looking cakes.


This one especially. I had no idea what it was, but I’m determined to go back and get this creamy goodness.



Looks like a perfect lonely Tuesday night to me…

Realising we only came for the pineapple tarts, we queued to get close to the counter, which probably took just as long as the queue to get in.



Boy got a box to take home for the office, and I got one for, well, myself.


I’m sure you’re all curious to know what it looks and tastes like. Fear not. I went home and opened one up straight away, you know, for testing reasons. Not because I wanted one or anything. Phhhffffttt pineapple tarts….


Isn’t it a beauty?




It was delicious, as you’d assume from all that, but I definitely expected it to be more of a tart. It was more of a cake, which was still great, but as long as you don’t have tart in your head! Less crumbly pastry, and more cakey goodness.

Just the rest of the box to go!

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