Tivoli Fun & Danish Hot Dogs, Copenhagen

Tivoli is a magical place.

The first time I went was when Louise and I-Mae took me. I literally turned into 5-year-old Bianca and jumped up and down with excitement about every little thing. It’s literally a theme park/beautiful garden/outdoor concert venue/amazing restaurants just in the middle of the city. Like you walk through some gates and you’re suddenly in a whole new world!








I definitely didn’t take enough pictures that do it justice of how awesome and beatiful it is. They even have their own small Taj Mahal. I KNOW.

The first thing I wanted to do is take Boy on the rides. There are loads of really great ones – like actual fun rollarcoasters, ones that will spin you until you’re sick. EVERYTHING.


There’s one that I love which isn’t actually all that fun until the end, but let me explain. Louise took I-Mae and I, and you get into this boat that floats on the water, but you shoot random aliens/lights and they score you. Seems cute, seems nice. But right at the very end, there’s a giant waterfall of water that you have to go through. I-Mae and I shat ourselves (not literally, please) and there’s a picture on my phone of me huddled over my bag, I-Mae nearly screaming and Louise laughing. I was very excited to take Boy on this ride.

He was shooting aliens and laughing at how many more he got than me. Well look who’s laughing now.


Look at him trying to use me as a shield. I was crying with laughter for about 20 minutes after, it was AMAZING. Now that I’ve let you in on this secret, you have to take someone. Remember to take a sneaky picture of the screen after (I know it’s bad I don’t pay for them but I’ve bought too many in my life that I don’t use). Maybe upload it and tag me. I have a sick sense of humour.

After running around like children, we decided to get some sugar in our systems. The sensible thing to do.



I was after some ice-cream. Louise is Danish (I mentioned this before) and when we came last time, they had an amazing treat. Now I’m going to teach you how to order a traditional Danish ice-cream.

It starts with the freshly baked waffle cone, obviously. They you pick you ice-cream flavours. We picked a brownie flavour. They also love soft-serve here, if anyone’s asking.

Then you top that shit with some Guf. Guf is like a mix between marshmallow fluff and unbaked meringue. It’s made of egg whites and sugar, so you get what I mean. It’s sugary and deeeelicious.

You could get whipped cream, but Guf is the way to go.


After that, you top it with… Maybe sprinkles, if you’re that kind of person. But the two key ingredients after the Guf is strawberry jam, and maybe even a cheeky Flødebolle, which is a chocolate-covered soft marshmallow. It’s like a teacake, if you’re from the UK (or just know what that is).


Boy isn’t that into sugar, so we just went to jam. It still looked like a (droopy) beauty, but can you imagine how great it would be with everything? Next time.



The droopiness just meant we had to eat quickly. Done.

Boy had a new obsession with hot dogs since Denmark. Danish hot dog stands are second to none. Seriously. They are amazing, and this has sparked Boy’s need to get 3 hot dogs a day when he visits. He desperately wanted one at Tivoli, but I wanted him to try the most incredible hot dog store ever so we left Tivoli for a hot dog. That’s how good.

Copenhagen isn’t short of treats though, especially pastries. I had to stop myself many times on the way.



And there we were. Døp.

It’s an organic hot dog stand, and they use the best quality ingredients, which makes it taste absolutely out of this world. And my favourite part? They have TOFU DOGS for me! HUZZAH!





As you might have seen in the menu, you choose your style of hot dog and then choose what sausage you want. I went with the classic Ristet Hot Dog with a Tofu Dog in it, my personal favourite order.

Here’s my tofu dog, in all it’s glory.


Boy went for the same style, but with a Classic Roasted Sausage.




This stand is so good that they have their own website, so you can find them if I’ve convinced you!

We sat on a park bench behind the stand and gobbled it up. You’d think we’d be full from all our treats today, but no. Then we spotted this.


Dumplings, anyone?


I think Boy loves Copenhagen already.

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