Breakfast at Counter Cafe, London

London is big. It’s nice most of the time because there are always new places to go and things to explore. However, it bugs me when hundreds of breakfast places are waiting for me, but take an hour and a half to get to. That’s why I was the happiest bunny when Boy decided to take a day off work to hang out with ME.

Okay, that wasn’t the happy part. It was the fact that we were staying at his (takes over an hour for me to get to his) which meant delicious breakfasts (namely Counter Cafe, which has been on my list forever) was less than half an hour away! HUZZAH!


As we approached, it was like I was dreaming. That sounds so sad to say. It’s just that I’ve seen 2394148329 pictures of it and it was finally happening. Maybe this is how Ming felt when she cried as Britney Spears came onto the stage.

The space was amazing. It was a gallery with Counter being on the bottom floor.








We sat inside because it was a little chilly, but outside was stunning. I can see why it’s buzzing all day in the summer.



Our menu decision was tough, but I knew exactly what I wanted through previous excessive stalking. It’s like I already knew the place. I knew for a fact that they do one of the best Eggs Benedicts in London and that their French Toast always made me weep when it’d appear on my Instagram. Which was a lot.

We started easy with an Orange Juice and our standard Americanos, which were as delicious as I dreamed it would be. They roast their own beans, I’ll have you know.


Milk for boy, soy milk for me.



Boy put his phone down as soon as he saw out of the corner of his eye that I’d raised my camera to focus on him. He wasn’t falling for that “Boy is ignoring me again” shit.

Look how unimpressed his face is. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.


He soon realised that he was better than this and returned to his normal ways. It was good while it lasted.

Check out the old theatre seats he’s sat on though. I loveeeeeee!


We ordered the Eggs Royale (no piggy for Bianca), which was what kicked off our breakfast. Our starter, if you will.

Perfectly poached eggs with the most delicious hollandaise sauce. Holy moly it was good! Can I order, or can I order?




This is my “cute mouthful of happiness” face. And if this was best of the bunch, you definitely do not want to see the “food entering mouth face” or “chewing” face.


I know what you do want to see though.



French Toast with Fried Banana, Berries and Toasted Almonds.



I know, right?


I’m still pissed off that we jumped to eat it so quickly that I forgot to take an Instagram picture. WHO AM I?

Fluffy, delicious, incredible. Everything you could want in a French Toast. Boy and I spent the rest of the day exploring, and I spent the rest of my life dreaming about this breakfast.

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