Breakfast at NAC, London (& Frieze Art Fair)

I’d never even heard of NAC before Karen suggested going. It’s in Mayfair and her friend owns it, and she raved about just how great the food was. It didn’t take much/any convincing.

I hopped along and arrived just a few minutes earlier than her and was asked if I had a booking. I had literally no idea if she made a booking or not. My response was more or les “Err… I don’t know… Potentially under Karen-Sofie but I’m not sure…” His face then lit up. “Karen’s coming?!” Turns out she did not have a booking, and thank goodness he found us a table since it was all reserved up, otherwise it’d be McMuffins for us.





Breakfast cocktails made their way past us as we drooled over them. Karen literally stopped the waiter in his tracks so I could take a picture of them. What a babe. I don’t think he was hugely happy about it though.



We were very good girls and went for juices. Orange for Karen, Carrot Apple Ginger for me.


I have a confession: Boy and I had breakfast before this. My plan was to get a coffee, but if you haven’t eaten yet in the day, it’s impossible to watch someone eat a whole meal. So I had a whole meal. At this moment I was very full. Big mistake.

Because this then arrived.


Karen was craving eggs, so ordered the Poacked Eggs & Avocado Toast, which looked beautiful.


She also said that the Milk Chocolate Cookies were amazing, so we asked if we could get a half portion (there’s usually 4, but we got 2).

These were INSANE. Karen was full so I ended up having both of them.


And then there were these babies. I know you were eyeing them up the second you clicked on this post.

These were the Ricotta Pancakes, Dulche De Leche and Bananas.



I had hugely mixed emotions. On one hand I had a belly stuffed full of extremely average scrambled eggs, salmon and potatoes and wanted to cry. On another hand…. Pancakes.

We took so many pictures the other tables started looking over. Or maybe they were checking out the pancakes.


Oh, pancakes. You fluffy, mouth-watering stack of deliciousness.



The face when you ask for a picture then regret it because they keep going… I only have so different smiles to offer. I’m not trained in this.


I pushed past my fullness and somehow managed to devour half that stack.



Holy shit, right? Is that not slightly impressive/disgusting of me? I wasn’t sure I had it in me. It’s nice to prove myself wrong every once in a while.

Karen was getting her egg-fill before starting on the pancakes. She said they were delicious.


After inhailing more food than thought possible by the two women in the corner, we walked/rolled downstairs to peak at their bar area. This place is great.


I was tempted to book my birthday brunch there but they don’t open on Sundays right now. Are you kidding? ONLY ON SATURDAY CAN I GET THESE PLATES OF GOODNESS?

My mind was taken off it once we went to Frieze Art Fair. Karen is very much involved in art and knows her shit. I looked at pretty things.

I wasn’t sure what to take pictures of here, but Karen took the camera into her hands and the rest was history.




There was a  Live Exhibition by Ken Kagami, an artist from Tokyo, where he’d draw your bits (boobs if you’re a woman, penis if you’re a man) by just looking at you (no getting undressed). He spent around 10 seconds per person.

There was a huge line and there was a waiting area at the end of the line. We sat near where the line started, so quickly got called up to join it. YESSSSSSSSSSS! Draw me like one of your Japanese girls, Ken!


So apparently my boobs look like this.


I think he was drawing people by what they had on. I had pocked on my top. Karen, bless her, was wearing a fluffy jacket and necklaces. Now she has fluffy boobs and weird nipples. He also originally mispelt our names, so we were Vianca and Sopie for the day.

We went back to appreciating the art, where we tried not to get our new works of art destroyed.








This was my favourite piece. It’s by one of Karen’s favourite artists called Jr, from Paris. It’s one of the only pieces I think I would actually want in my house.


The fair was full of different people. Mostly artsy. Very artsy. I should have made a better outfit selection this morning. A white top and black jeans, what was I thinking?



This piece had everyone gathered around it. Looking at it turned you upside down.


It made my eyes dizzy and I felt physically sick looking at it for more than a few seconds. It was crazy.


I went back to 2D art pretty quickly. Where I belong.


Lots of things were stunning. But some pieces, like a blank canvas, I find pointless. I’m not going to stand there and try and discuss some hidden meaning it possesses, or even try to give it one because it has none. I’m not disrespecting, it’s just not the art I’m into. aka looking like a prick.


There were surprising amounts of food there. Petersham Nurseries, Caravan, Gail’s…

My kind of art.


The last stop of the day was the Keynote Lecture. It was by the one and only Vivienne Westwood. We didn’t have a ticket so we kept coming back to the counter and waiting around half an hour before it started. A ‘no ticket holder’ line was made, and thank goodness we were in the first bunch of people at the front.

People started trying to cut and be sneaky. I could feel a side of me coming out that I hadn’t seen in a while.

Thankfully, I think most of us got in. I don’t know because as soon as we got given a ticket we powerwalked (weren’t allowed to run, also that would have been very uncool) inside and bagged ourselves a good spot. Mine was on the floor until 5 minutes before the end.


She discussed art, culture and climate change. She was a little nuts, in a very good way. People lined up to take pictures with her at the end, but we decided to head out.

Such a great day. I’m basically an art expert now after hanging out with Karen all day, so if you need some art advice, B’s your gal.


  1. October 28, 2015 / 10:02 pm

    Dulce de leche?! oh man. Who wins – NAC or Granger & CO?

    • October 29, 2015 / 9:40 am

      I know right?! Granger’s are thicker, so depends on what style you like, but both are incredible!

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