Breakfast at Silo, Brighton

Our train to London was supposed to be pretty early, but Boy booked a later ticket so we could have a nice breakfast. Me thinks someone is really loving Brighton. I found Silo through Instagram, and after all the stuff I’d read about their great coffee, zero waste and using pre industrial food systems (providing pure foods from clean farming), I knew this was our kind of place.

Can you imagine how nice this picture would have been without that bloody car in it?




As soon as you walk in you get the feel of their values. You also get a peak at their great coffee machine, some treats and even a beautiful wooden flour mill.




Inside, the seating is just as great. I think I’m in love with this place already.




Sencha Green Tea Kombucha? Ming would be in love!

We turned our attention to the one thing on our tummies.


‘Espresso Mushrooms’ sounded amazing. Zomg. Also I knew if Ming would be here, she’d wanted the Silo Almond Milk Porridge. Is it that obvious that I miss this girl?

She’d also be excited about little things. Like brown sugar. Does it look unrefined? Because that’s the vibe I’m getting…


We got our coffees, which came in gorgeous cups. I also got some freshly made almond milk for mine, which was so good that even Boy wanted to taste it.



Boy ordered a Bacon Sandwich, and I went for the Sourdough Toast with Silo Beans & Slow Cooked Eggs, adding the Espresso Mushrroms (obviously). The waitress said there were also Fresh Heirloom Tomatoes that would be a really good addition, and Boy got so excited that he said he’d have mine (because I wasn’t sure if I was keen).

I think the waitress got a little confused, because there was no sandwich and two of these bad boys.


Mine was the triumphant beauty of both mushroom and tomatoes.


Boy’s was just tomatoes.


It was insanely good. Such good quality ingredients, with those eggs poached to perfection. Om nom nom.


Boy and I saw someone order a bacon sandwich, and as great as he looked, he was really happy the orders got confused and he ended up with what he did. Everything happens for a reason, ey? A BREAKFAST MIRACLE.

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