Breakfast at The Ivy Chelsea Garden, London

The Ivy Chelsea Garden was this summer’s hot spot. It’s one of those places that you book a couple of months in advance for dinner. I was never that good with planning ahead, but I did book a week in advance for brunch with the girls, where we sat outside and drunk many a Mimosa/Buck’s Fizz. My Dad wanted to know a good spot to get drinks with a friend, so I told him about it, and warned him he might not be able to get in. The next day he said not only did they have drinks, but there was a table for them too for food. Are you kidding me? Clearly I should hang out with my dad more. I tell this legendary story whenever someone talks about making a reservation in advance here. Yep, mind blown.

Anyway, I know for a fact that if it’s the weekday and the morning, you pretty much can stroll right in for a table. I’ve been doing this a little too frequently this week.


In the summer (or at least when it’s a little warmer), their garden is the place to be. There’s a reason it’s in their name, you know.





In reality, today was bloody cold. Winter is coming, people

We were snug as a bug inside.



In true Bridges style, we needed some food on the table while we waited for our breakfast. Mama Bridges was about to suggest a croissant when I spotted the Breakfast Pastries. Sold!

It was a little variation of mini pastries with preserves and butter.


I felt very tiny and elegant eating them. Who wants big pastry when you can try lots of tiny, cute ones?

We also got our coffees and teas. I had my Americano with Almond Milk.


Ming was very excited that the tea bag had the same logo on it. Excited enough to take a picture.



For the main breakfast event, Ming went for the ‘Light & Healthy’ section, picking out the Baked Egg White Omlette with Goat’s Cheese, Kale and Soft Herbs.

It didn’t look anything like I expected. It actually looked so good.


Mama Bridges had her all-time favourite, the Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon.


I ordered my favourite dish here. I honestly think this is the best, and if this appeals to you at all, you MUST order it. It is so, so good!

It’s the Garden Breakfast – Grilled halloumi, avocado, poached hen’s eggs, hollandaise, flat mushrooms, potato hash, roast plum tomatoes, watercress and baked beans. Is this not everything you want in a meal? WHO NEEDS MEAT, I TELL YOU.



It’s then served with a choice of white, brown or gluten free toast. I went with brown because I’m healthy like that.


In my head, this breakfast is full of health. Which it kindaaaa is? Right? Well, it’s keeping me warm during these chilly days, which is all I can ask for.

Look at those poached eggs snugly in the avocado. It’s super dreamy.


Great place for a breakfast meeting, or to sit with a newspaper, pastries and coffee. The prices are pretty standard for breakfast in London, so it’s a must-visit, even if just for that Garden Breakfast!

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