Breakfast at The Providores & Tapa Room, London

The best thing about being reunited with Ming is the fact that she gets as excited about food as I do. And she’s always up for breakfast. Which is probably two key requirements of a friendship with me. I’m very easily pleased.

Ming’s been drooling over the menu at The Tapa Room at The Providores (which is the downstairs area of the restaurant) for the longest time. It was the morning that would finally make her breakfast dreams a reality.


We sat by the window so we’d get good lighting for pictures. A girl after my own heart.



She’s an absolute angel, no?

Too bad she had to sit next to this Cheesy Charlie.


My mum bought me that sweater so I tried it out that morning. I quickly realised it wasn’t for me.

What wasn’t a quick decision was what to order.


Everything looked SO delicious. Ming and I decided we’d just have to come back heaps and try it all. I know for a fact that their Changa Eggs is their most famous dish (I double-checked on Breakfast London just to make sure) so I went for that.

I also went for what sounded deliciously healthy – their Nut Melks. I ordered the one with Almond milk, almond butter, Medjool dates, cacao nibs and raw organic cacao.


It was not good. It was very bitter from the cacao. I thought the sweetness of the dates would fix it. It did not. I actually asked the waitress to just take it away because it wasn’t for me and I knew I wouldn’t force myself to drink it, and I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.

Since when am I jealous of Ming’s green tea?


I ordered an Americano with almond milk instead.


It’s a good thing the food more than made up for it.

Peter Gordon’s famous Turkish eggs from Changa restaurant in Istanbul – two poached eggs on whipped yoghurt with hot chilli butter and sourdough or seeded granary toast.


And a cheeky side of avo.



It was INSANELY good. I wanted more bread to scoop every last bite. Om nom nom nom. I got it with seeded granary toast instead of sourdough because the waitress said it was better. I believe her.

Ming umm-ed and ahh-ed for ages, even though she’d already studied the menu long before we went. She eventually went for the Grilled Chorizo with Sweet Potato and Miso Hash, a soft boiled egg, garlic labne and star anise cashew nut praline. But without the chorizo.


What a beauty.


Highly recommended for anyone looking for an amazing breakfast. I rushed to tell Boy about it since he loves Turkish Eggs. Easily the best Turkish Eggs I’ve had in London!

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