Brunch at Luna’s, Copenhagen

I’ve found the perfect spot for a hungover brunch.


Okay, so we weren’t actually hungover, I just decided it’d be perfect for here. Upon my quest to find the best brunch spot, we came to Luna’s.

A few people were sitting outside, but it was a little chilly so we opted for indoors. The lighting was dim – I wish it was brighter, but I suppose that’s the start of hungover heaven already.


But the reason I’ve coined this a hangover heaven is because of the menu.


Sorry, that’s not all of it. It opens up, and it’s on the back too.



The food options (especially breakfast) is not just an extensive list – everything looks delicious too.

Even the drinks. ESPECIALLY the drinks. Smoothies. Milkshakes (Hello Raspberry with Meringue!). Iced Coffee topped with White Chocolate Ice Cream. See what I mean?



Hayden and I panicked over the choices. All of those sounded insanely good. But then it’s the whole way up of deliciousness against the fact that bikini time in Spain was coming up. And a Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice sounded really good at that moment too.

So guess what we went with…


It was actually delicious. No regrets. Sorry, Meringue Milkshake, not this time!

I convinced Hayden that we should share everything, which wasn’t difficult. She was very much up for trying everything because she was also stuck on what to order, and we were pretty much eyeing up the same things.


This first beautiful breakfast platter was the Green. Scrambled eggs, fruit salad, yoghurt with berry compote and Lizzis Granola, bagel with Philadelphia and homemade pancake.


The pancake was the shining star. I thought it’d be crepe like, but it was thick, not dry, and so delicious! The granola and bagel were also surprisingly so good.

Arghh, once again, I just can’t do it with the scrambled eggs here. It’s like the fourth time I’ve had it in Copenhagen, and I just need to stop. It’s not getting any better. I need to come to terms with it. It’s just their style of making it – crumbly and dry.


You know what wasn’t? Our side of Belgian Waffle Topped with Caramelized Bananas. I liked that this was a side, it meant it was the perfect amount for someone who wanted something sweet alongside their savoury meal.


Our last order was a triumphant beast. The Beauty Burrito was a wrap filled with scrambled eggs, sliced avocado, cherry tomatoes, onion, coriander and mozzarella cheese, topped with fresh tomato and basil sauce and grated parmesan. Beautiful it was.



I think I didn’t mind so much about the eggs here because it was just mixed in with so much deliciousness. Although it was fantastic, I’m glad I shared and didn’t eat all of that myself.


We could have lay down on the floor and rolled home after that. #BitchesWhoBrunch

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