Cocktails at 1656, Copenhagen

Say hello to one of the coolest bars in Copenhangen!

Anytime we find a cool bar or something fun to do, we declare it ‘Girl’s Night’ and see how many of us can make it. Tonight was just Hayden, Bea and I, which was all we needed, really. 3 is the best number.

I stumbled accross 1656 online, when searching for fun things to do. However, make sure you’ve got your Google Maps out because the hidden entrance is in the form of a normal black door – there’s no indication what it is. We got lucky that the bartender was having a cigarette break outside, otherwise it’d have been a lot more of “It says we’re here, I can’t see it?!”


The hidden entrance thing, the decor and vibes all reminded me of Experimental Cocktail Club in London.





I was excited for some cocktails. Which girl isn’t?




There were heaps to choose from – signature ones, seasonal ones and classics.

We all chose one, but had the full intention of trying each others. Sharing is caring.


Bea went for the Aperol Spritz, a classic cocktail.


Mine was my favourite, mostly because when I asked the waiter he described it as a “creamy, delicious dessert cocktail”. It was the Better Than Bali, which was exactly how he described, even with a cheeky stroopwafel on the side.

I think I win. In life.


Actually, I really liked Hayden’s as well. If we weren’t doing the whole ‘TRY ALL THE COCKAILS’ thing then I would have ordered this one again. It was the Nordic Daiquiri, which was made with homemade rhubarb compote, paried with raw licorice and mixed with white rum and fresh lime.

She was worried about the licorice since she’s not a fan and the Danes are obsessed with it, so he toned it down for her, although he said you couldn’t really taste it much originally anyway.


Girls night is the best night.






A couple of slightly creepy guys had moved in on our table at this point. They clearly don’t understand girls night. I got stuck with the grenade, who quizzed me on why I’m studying abroad when London has so many good business schools. “Well, that’s not really the point of studying abroad, is it?” I needed more cocktails.

The next round we were less sure about what we wanted, so I ordered 3 for us to really share. My favourite out of this lot was the Ginger Envy, another signature cocktail with cucumber and ginger muddled together.


There was also the classic Bellini, because that’s always a winner.

I liked the glass it came in – it kind of reminded me of a candle holder.


Last of all was the B.B. King, which was the most bitter but flavoursome.


By this time, the grenade had offered to take a picture of us. I thought it was nice, but very quickly it turned weird when he made it a full on photoshoot by standing up and trying it from different angles. There’s something up with any guy who’s really into taking your picture.

We actually got a nice picture though, so huzzah!


I was still happy as Larry, but the others may have had a few cheeky shots beforehand – Let’s just say Bea was ready for her pizza.

Also check out the toilets when you get here. It plays classic music, then suddenly a woman starts moaning. A lot.


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