Dinner at Geist, Copenhagen

I’d been nagging the family to come visit Copenhagen. It’s not that they didn’t want to, it’s just that their schedules are all so busy it’s difficult to find time where they can all come. But the key to great nagging is never giving up. And look where we are now! On an air mattress. Well, I was. Ming would be snug as a bug on my bed.

I’d made reservations and itineraries and was the best damn host you could ask for. I was determined to take them to do as many cool things as possible, so tonight we headed to Geist for experimental Nordic cuisine.


When you book, you need to say which area you want to sit in. There’s the main restaurant, and there’s the bar where you watch the chefs cook. I’d been told the bar area was the place to be, but the website said it was of course best for two people, conversation wise I suppose. I booked it anyway. We’ve all talked enough.


As soon as I saw the bar area, I patted myself on the back for making the right decision.



We got shown our seats and discovered they’d given us a corner, so it’d be easier for us all to chat. Hoorahhhh!

Time to celebrate with some cocktails.


… And lots of food. There weren’t so much starters and mains here, but instead the further you got down on the menu, the heavier the dishes became.


Papa Bear would be accompanying his food with the usual. At least he’s cultured enough to try new beers when abroad.


I went for some Bubbles, and the waitress showed me today’s bottle before she poured me a glass.



How cool are those water glasses as well? Don’t act like you weren’t eyeing them up.

Mama Bridges asked for a Mojito, but I don’t think they did it here, so they made her something similar. This is the story she told me anyway.


And Ming? She got herself a nice tea.


The red wine also came out a little bit after. I’m pretty slow when I drink, so there’s always that thing where I wonder when I abandon ship on the bubbles and move over to the wine, because usually it takes me freaking ages to finish a glass. Mama Bridges took a liking to the bubbles though, so that was that sorted. I was secretly hoping I’d get her a little drunk because that would have been a lot of fun.


The food was seriously cool. This is the place to go to if you want to impress someone.

It was a little difficult for us to all order together, so Ming and I ordered our dishes and Mum and Dad did theirs, since we knew we’d end up sharing anyway. Mum and Dad’s first order was the Tartare of Norway Lobster with Yuzu and Hibiscus.


The tartare was so thin I actually had to dig around and see what was meat and what was plate. So cool.

Their next choice was the Wafers of Avocado with Slightly Salted Rossini Caviar.


Have you ever seen anything so OCD and pretty?

Lastly, they went with Silver Onions with Tamari, Ginger, Lime and Sesame.


Everything was good, but Ming and my choices were my favourites. Namely this Raw Fried Brussel Sprouts with Chocolate and Dill. It sounds awful, but it was so good. That burnt chocolate really gave it summin summin.


Lastly, the Spinach Fried with Curly and Kale and Samphire. I’m pretty sure there was cheese or something in it, it was so much more than the description.


I had a very happy bunch of people sat by me. They raised me well.



I got caught in that awkward angle where you wear a baggy jumper and you look like you have a pinhead and baby hippo body. Just go with it.

The jumper was necessary after the food intake happening tonight. The bread arrived mid-way through our first round of food. Doesn’t that butter look like a pretty top hat?


Ming and I declared ourselves winner of the first round, but I think the parents got the better of us on the second.

Our first dish was Turbot with Fennel Ravioli on Gruyere. The turbot was delicious.


Our second was Grilled Lobster with Pumpkin. I, of course, love lobster, however not such a fan of pumpkin. Maybe pumpkin baked until soft, but this pumpkin was hard. I did not enjoy this pumpkin. It made me sad.


The parents went all out and ordered Charred Beef Tenderloin with Beetroot. That’s like Dad’s ultimate dream on a plate. This was all theirs as Ming and I say a big no no to beef.


Their second dish was Potato Mash with Brown Stone Crab and Salted Butter. Such a simple dish (compared to all the others going on), but holy shit was that good. Mash and crab, how could it not be? Oh, and BUTTER.


Yes, we were all stuffed, but dessert doesn’t go to the tummy. It goes to the heart.

I was trying to order four dishes, but as I made the order Dad stopped me and said we had to eliminate one. Drats. I couldn’t do it, and had to ask the waitress to. I knew I’d regret not getting that Chocolate Tart. I will come back for you, my dear.

Our first dessert was the Air in Air in Air Tiramisu. It’s safe to say, it was light and fluffy. Maybe like… air?


It was delicious. How can tiramisu not be?

The next order was my wildcard, the Baked Apples with Macaroon and Whipped Cream. The waitress said this was more of a traditional Danish one, so how could I get rid of that?


Check out them chopped up baked apples inside.


Last of all was what we were told was the best dessert here. It was the Salted Wasabi Cream Toffee.



It was insane. The flavours blew up my taste buds. Like, you’re having white chocolate but it’s infused with wasabi? What’s going on?

Dad said he prefered it without wasabi, but Ming and I declared it’s because we had superior taste buds and he didn’t appreciate it.

As we decided to get the bill, the waitress came out with lemon candy floss, bigger than my pinhead.


I don’t really go for candy floss since all it is is spun sugar and flavouring, but it would have been so rude to leave that whole thing there. I needed to take one for the team.



Easy to say it’s the best fairy floss I’ve had. Lemon flavoured? GENIUS.


  1. October 28, 2015 / 10:07 am

    This place looks so cool. V interesting food! I was staring at that lobster tartar plate for about 5 mins, it looks empty! haha The beef looked incredible mmmm

    • October 29, 2015 / 9:40 am

      Haha I know I literally was scraping the plate to find it! Really cool place!

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