Lunch at Sortebro Kro, Odense

You can’t say you’ve seen Denmark when all you’ve done is live in Copenhagen. Well, I mean you can, but Danes will remind you that there’s a lot more to Denmark than Copenhagen. So Boy and I rented a car and found this out for ourselves!

Our trip started in Legoland, which seemed great until we got out of the car and it started to rain. Perfect timing. But it was full of hot dogs (him eating the hot dog out of it and giving me the bread), rides and feeling like really big kids. Which we were – we only saw two other couples that weren’t families with children.

We went into the shop and started making little Lego people. Boy made a sailor, then I decided we should make each other…


Boy is the little one on the left that I made. Nailed it, right?! Yep, thanks.

We then went to stay in Aarhus, one of the happiest cities in the world. The next day, we drove to Funen and visited Egeskov Castle.


There was also a bicycle, motorbike and car museum in there. Boy was very excited about seeing the first Ford model, which he’d only seen once before in a museum in South Africa.


Back to the castle…



After taking too many tourist pictures and crossing through the ‘private’ chains to take some – I hate to admit it – individual pictures leaping accross the frame in front of the castle (which I refuse to post anywhere and will probably delete, Boy made me do it I swear) we got back into the car.

I’d booked lunch in Odense before our drive back to Copenhagen (it was only a two day trip, sadly) but I thought it’d be a nice way to end our adventure!


According to the internet, Sortebro Kro is the bomb. I’ve never really listened to TripAdvisor before, but I had not a clue how to find anywhere so I swallowed my pride and did it.



It was as beautiful and cosy on the inside as the outside implied.



We were given still and sparkling water (both of which we paid for – FYI you pay for all water in Danish restaurants usually, even tap water).


They didn’t have an English menu, so they got their menu up on the iPad from their website and translated it through Google.


Everything looked amazing. Boy opted for the lunch deal with 3 courses, whereas I went for a starter and main so I could sneakily share the dessert.

We had an awful meal in Aarhus the night before where the meal was shite and ridiculously overpriced (a VERY average cut of steak was more expensive than a steak from Dinner By Heston – bloody outrageous) so we were very excited about this lunch to make up for it.




It was off to a great start already – a waiter brought out different types of bread (French baguette, English loaf, Italian focaccia and Danish rye bread) and asked us which we’d like.

Um, all?


So we got them all! 2 slices of each.


And paired with a perfectly salted creamy butter.


Oh my lord, okay, the starters. Holy crap, where do I start?

I kept seeing Herring on the menu, so I knew it must be good. I ordered the Marinated Vegetable Herring with warm eggs, onion, dill, apples and capers.


It. Was. Insane.

Like, ridiculously good. Everything about it worked together and it was just like an explosion of heavenly flavours in your mouth. Yes, this shit is getting descriptive. Even the egg was boiled to a hard yet slightly gooey perfection.


It came with a bowl of three potatoes as well, perfectly dusted with salt.

I’ve used the word ‘perfect’ a lot there, haven’t I?


Boy’s starter in the 3-course lunch was a gorgeous salmon/beetroot/God knows what dish. It looks incredible. The salmon were proper thick cuts.



Not a bite wasted.

For the main, it was lamb. Probably the prettiest lamb dish I ever did see.





I got creepily close there. But you needed to see it.

This also came with potatoes. Four of them, to be precise. He’s a lucky boy.


I didn’t want anything too big to my main, so I ordered the Smoke Salmon with Creamed Spinach, Toast and Lemon.


It was so beautifully presented, but at the end of the day, it’s exactly what it says, which isn’t anything too special in my eyes. They also forgot the toast, but I was so full from all the bread before that I didn’t ask about it.

However, a mysterious salad appeared. Maybe they were trying to tell me something.


I asked what dessert was, and our waitress said it was “raspberry with chocolate”. So in my head I’ve pictured some fresh rasperries covered in dark chocolate sauce. Delicious, right?

But, oh, it was so much more than that.


Chocolate mousse with raspberry sorbet, fresh raspberries, wafter-thin meringue pieces and other things (I have no idea what but omg so delicious).

We were stuffed at this point. But we kept going. Hell no was a single spoonful of that baby going to waste.

Boy ordered a coffee to keep him awake when driving home, which was accompanied by a selection of different sugars on the top tier of a cake stand, and some treats on the bottom. Are we being spoilt or what?


His little coffee turned out to be a lot of coffee. All for Boy.


And if we hadn’t been treated like a King and Queen enough, they handed us this before we left.



We wondered what it could be. I thought it was bread or something. It was stapled shut so I was hestitant to tear it open in case it was bread and it would go stale quicker. I used a card to open the staples one by one.

It wasn’t bread. I could have ripped the whole thing no problem. But there was no room to be dissapointed at my poor life choices when I discovered it was a cooking apron.


I’m in love. Customer service honestly does make a restaurant. And freaking delicious food doesn’t hurt either.

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