Vote! Shortlisted for Cosmo Blog Awards 2015




That’s right. Thank you so much to everyone who took that special 2 minutes to nominate me, it honestly meant so much! I’m not going to lie, it would be very cool to win (or at least try), so it would be incredible if you guys could vote for me. I love love love what I do, and although sometimes it’s a little tough (social embaressment with cameras in fancy restaurants, spending hours selecting and editing pictures, contemplating fairly amusing things to write, 6am gym sessions so I don’t become obese… You get the picture), the feedback I get from people and knowing that I can help make people’s foodie experiences the best they can be wherever they travel is honestly mind-blowing.

So PLEASE if you have a couple of minutes in your day, it would be great to vote and you will be my new best friend and I will love you forever. The link is HERE! My category is Best for Food (obviously) which is page 5. I’ve found if you don’t want to vote other categories you can just press Next, but if you want to check out the others in the competition you might find some new gems!

Vote for Pretty Hungry (Best for Food) at Cosmo Blog Awards 2015!

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