Breakfast at Forest (Selfridges), London

It’s not new news that Selfridges change up the restaurant on their rooftop twice a year. You may have seen Q Grill and Vintage Salt posts (better get reading if you haven’t!). You’d think that, having been to so many of the changing restaurants, it’d get less exciting. It hasn’t.

As always, enter through the express lift.


And you’ll be taken up to a magical forest.

Did I mention how much I love fairy lights?







There’s not heaps of options for breakfast, which is nice so you don’t have to spend too long deciding.

However, being on vegan week, it wasn’t so nice. Namely because there is nothing vegan on the menu. I peaked around the restaurant only to find people devouring the Caramelised Banana Waffles. Hmph.


I also eyed up the drinks menu. Pumpkin Bellini sounds fantastic for someone who likes pumpkin more than I do. I was drooling over the hot chocolate cocktails, again realising it was vegan week. And 11am.

Wait – Mulled Wine is vegan… And since when as 11am on a Saturday been a problem?


I was spending some quality time with Mama Bridges this morning. Actually, I’d booked a table for 5 but Ming and Grandma bailed. Mama Bridges was just the unlucky sucker who’d already confirmed her attendance.


At least she got to hang out with me and this one.


He wasn’t happy because he’d read my all-too-many posts about him being on his phone and ignoring me. So everytime I tried to get a snap of him on his phone he’d put it down, and grumpy face was back.

People need to know the truth, Boy.


To start off with, he had an Americano.




Mama Bridges shared my heart-shaped eyes over the Hot Chocolate, and the rest was history.

Cute teacup, no?



I got myself a Mulled Wine. That’s right. Things are getting crazy up on Selfridges’ Roof Top.



The waiter saw us taking so many pictures that he offered to take one of all of us. It’s a nice picture, but there’s something about it I don’t like. Maybe it’s the fact that because it’s Boy and I with my mum, it makes us look super coupley. Not like the cool cats I think we are in our head. 2 years of dating casually, am I right?


And just when I thought things were going great…. The food came.


Okay, it’s partially because of my dietery restrictions. I ordered the Avocado & Bacon on Toast… Minus the bacon. So really, it was like guacamole on toast. Not even really smashed avo. I could have made this at home, and probably done it a lot better.


Mama Bridges ordered the Welsh Rarebit, which she said was good, but let’s be honest, this looks a little sad on the plate.


Not as sad as Boy’s meal though. He got a Crumpet Benedict. He was excited. Hell, I was excited.

And it looked delicious! But wait… Where’s the other?


Oh right. There was just one. For £7.75? Really?

Although it was yummy, poor Boy was left hungry. Actually, we all were.


I’m guessing that their main meals are lunch and dinner, and breakfast isn’t really their thing. Maybe we ordered the wrong items. But if the menu is that small, you can’t afford to have unsatisfying meals. And if you’re going to do breakfast, do it right.

On that note, one of my Grandad’s favourite things was a Salt Beef Sandwich from the Selfridges Food Hall. I recommend that instead.


  1. November 17, 2015 / 9:37 am

    I went there last week and can say that dinner was much better, although still v pricey. Review is on

    The place is gorgeous though, worth it for the cute pics alone 😉

    • November 19, 2015 / 9:45 am

      Yesss a hot chocolate cocktail and some cute pics, totally agree!

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