Dinner at Gorilla, Copenhagen

I think it’s safe to say my Dad was surprised that it was Boy and my second anniversary. He said he thought we’d been dating around eight months. In fact, he was so surprised (probably with the fact that I could keep a guy around that long putting up with me) that my parents wanted to do something nice for us as a present. They wanted to buy us our pre-anniversary dinner, and I wasn’t about to say no to that. Let the good food continue!

I was tempted to take Boy to Geist, but I wanted to try somewhere I hadn’t been. Gorilla is the fairly new kid on the block, and it was said to have great vibes and packed with people. Back to the meat packing district we go!






Packed with people it was. It was absolutely buzzing. We had a table near the back, but the waiter cleaared the table by the window and gave us that spot instead. Perfect.


Boy thought it’d be funny to pull a serious face. Not so funny now, is it Boy?

We took a break from chatting to focus our attention elsewhere. Since it was packed, I thought it would be best to order quickly otherwise we’d be waiting ages for the order.



At least we had this to occupy ourselves with. However, Boy and I had just had a bottle of wine and some cheese, so we weren’t the hungriest. Yet that strangely enough didn’t affect our ordering process.


We ordered a couple of cocktails since we were full of wine already. We got two to try and share, the first being the Gorilla Espresso Martini.


It was made with chocolate, so it was basically extra delicious.

The second was a Rosemary Collins, a twist on the Tom Collins, which was so good! We literally slurrped it up like lemonade and had to order round 2.


I was wrong about waiting ages. Each dish came out as soon as it was done, and that was pretty swiftly compared to how many people were in the restaurant.

To start things off, we got Potato Crisps, Sour Cream & Onion. They were homemade, delicious crisps. Perfect to start off the evening.


Another evening essential was Oysters. Boy and my obsession.


After that, everything blurred into a stream of dishes. I think this was the Cod Ceviche with Yuzu and Nashi Pear.


And I want to say this was the Bruzzels Sprouts with Whitefish Roe and Lemon (delicious).


And this must’ve been the Squid, Garlic and Treviso.


And this kind of looks like the Pollack, Cabbage, Smoked Mussel Sauce. I’m nailing this, aren’t I?


I remember the dishes being good, but I can’t remember enough to pick each one out. I think we were a couple of Rosemary Collins down at this point.

The one I DO remember is this baby┬á – the Lobster Roll. Order one per person, because you aint going to want to share this bad boy.


Boy let me have most of it. He knows the way to my heart.


We ordered a couple of pastas as well (when in an Italian restaurant). The first was the Ravioli with Pumpkin and Mushrooms. It was delicious – soft pumpkin puree nestled inside those little pasta pockets.


The second was the Ravioli with Escargots and Sage. It was the one I was most excited for, but most dissapointed with. Let’s just say I wouldn’t order it again.


Verdict? Great vibes, mostly good food, great cocktails.

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