Dinner at Perilla, London

Boy, do I have a treat for you!

If you were looking for your next restaurant to visit, or scouting out your next pop-up fix, I’ve found it. Meet Perilla. It was started up by Ben Marks, who previously worked at NOMA and The Square, and Matt Emmerson, from Polpo and Polpetto. After their 6 sell-out supper clubs, they’ve set up shop at Platform 1 for four months. You better get reserving, stat.


Platform 1 is not close to me. In fact, it was a good 45 minutes in the Uber (we were with Mama Bridges so obvs the tube was not happening). But something told me it’d be worth the trip.

It was their last day of their soft opening, so I felt like I was super cool and in the know.


Platform 1 was a seriously great space. Cosy without being too stuffy, great bar, vibes, music. Everything you could want.




And, of course, a great menu. We wanted everything. So we ordered everything.


The drinks menu is pretty fantastic too. All the wines are rare, different and quirky. We were told that there has to be something special about them or they wouldn’t be on the list.


We were in a wine mood so refrained from ordering any cocktails. However, we were treated like Kings when one of their specialities, the Bloody Sipper arrived (I think it was a big halloween hit).


Now I don’t like beetroot. At all. So I felt a bit bad thinking I wouldn’t be drinking much.

BUT IT WAS DELICIOUS. I drank every single drop. Even Mama Bridges did too, and she doesn’t really drink. 100% recommended.


Let’s start going through the menu then. I asked if there was any vegan options. I very quickly followed that question with “should I just sack it off for tonight?” There were nods all around. Alrighty then. It’d been two weeks of vegan, which quickly came to a halt.

Cured Egg Yolks & Samphire was the first thing to be devoured. I use devoured very appropriately.


Next, something Mama Bridges was the most excited for. Crisp Chicken Wings Stuffed With Mushrooms. They were boneless, and delicious. I haven’t had chicken in months.

It was safe to say Mum was ridiculously happy. She wanted to get another round of these instead of dessert.


I was almost certain that the Grilled Flatbread with Brown Butter couldn’t be good as the first two bar snacks. But I was wrong. Oh, so wrong.


LOOK YOU USE THE BUNCH OF ROSEMARY TO SPREAD THE BROWN BUTTER. Which was INSANELY good, by the way. Sorry about the caps, but it’s necessary.





After every drop of our cocktails were gone, our wine arrived. We got the Biutiful, which was a Malbec. But not just any old Malbec. We were told the process behind how it was made, which I would tell you if I could remember (obviously had too much of the Biutiful). But I remember I was super impressed.



Since we got all the bar snacks to share, it was only right that we ordered one of each starter to share too.

Grilled Lettuces with Ewes Cheese was first up. The cheese was the liquid at the bottom. You could literally drink it, it was crazy. Crazy delicious.


Next, the Raw Bavette with Aged Ceps & Horseradish.

I didn’t have any of this because I still didn’t want any beef, but Boy said it was really, really good.


Although what I know was really, really good was the Fried Duck Egg with Mussels & Parsley.



The biggest surprise of all for me was the Pot Roast Cauliflower with Curd & Lardo. It didn’t sound like much to me, but I think this was actually my favourite starter of them all. I couldn’t get enough!


Then, it was time for mains.

We’d all ordered our set mains, but again we had the same principle of trying each others, since we made sure we ordered all different dishes so we could try them all. I went for the Grilled Brocolli & Winter Greens with Rye.


It was a great veggie option, but at the end of the day it is more or less just greens. It was hard to eat it when everyone else’s looked so freaking good.

Boy had the Ox Cheek with Blueberry, Beetroot & Thyme. Fine with me since I wasn’t eating beef and don’t like beetroot. But he was raving about how great it was. Whatevs.


Ming had the Poached Troust with Radishes, Sorrel & Yoghurt. I got a little bite but it went so fast. I think that basically says it all about how good it was.


The highlight for me though was Mum’s Whole Baked Mackerel & Marinated Cucumbers.

Holy. Shit.


It was de-boned and stuffed with everything delicious in this world. I didn’t expect it at all. It was SO FREAKING GOOD.

If, no actually, when you come visit, order this. And prepare to be amazed. I took a little (a lot) more than my fair share of this bad boy.


To finish it off, dessert. We were all stuffed, but we had to get the Poached Pears with Soft Herbs & Creme Fraiche.


As well as the Juniper Custard with Juiced Plums & Muscat Grapes.


They were both fresh, seasonal and delicious, fitting with the rest of the menu. I preferred the second dessert since I inhailed that custard, but everyone else preferred the first. I think I’d pick the savoury food over the dessert, but they still were great.

Before we left, we were asked if we’d seen the garden. We hadn’t. We were then taken out the back to see this beautiful outdoor space, where they grow deliciouness for the menu.



Space, vibes, music = amazing. Drinks = incredible. Food = mind-blowing. People = probably the best restaurant I’ve been to in a while.

Must visit! Get a reservation before it’s too late. You’re welcome!


  1. November 18, 2015 / 10:27 am

    All the food looks incredible – every dish! This is so close to where I live, I’m definitely going to get a table booked!x

    • November 19, 2015 / 8:28 am

      Yesssss Vicky! You’ll have an amazing night!

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