Dinner at Radio, Copenhagen

I’ve eaten like an absolute queen since my family has been visiting. It’s been one ridiculous meal after another. The silver lining of them leaving the morning after this is that I can finally hit the gym. I also can’t get too used to this lifestyle on a student budget….

Radio was recommended as one of the restaurants you go to when you can’t go to Noma. I FINALLY got a reservation (will tell you more about that when it happens) but the folks will be in Aussie for my cousin’s wedding so won’t be able to make it. Opened by an ex-Noma chef, I hoped I was taking them to the next best thing!


Like a lot of the places in Copenhagen, it had a generally great vibe. The tables were spaced out nicely so everyone had their own personal space.



It’s been so nice having these kids visit. It’s not hard hard to tell by my baggy jumpsuit I was wearing that I’d been a very happy bunny for a few days.



We hadn’t eaten anything yet but we loved this place already. The vibe was great, the staff seemed lovely, and event the salt was cool. It’s the little things.


Things only got better. Before we even ordered, a couple of plates were put infront of us as a welcome snack. It was these thinly sliced pumpkin tents. I’m still not a huge pumpkin fan, but they were a lot better than that pumpkin the other night!


Then there was also the bread, which was paired with the softest, most spreadable butter.

I was clearly going to towwwwn with this, since the waitor came up and made a comment about how most people’s mistake is filling up with bread and not being able to eat the rest. Oh, we’ll see about that. He clearly doesn’t know me.


I know my family though. How many guessed my Dad would get a beer?


He’d also feel insulted if I didn’t take a picture of said beer, so here we are.


And how many thought Ming would get a tea?


Nailed it.


The menu was really cool. It told you enough about the dish by giving you the three main ingredients, but not enough that you know exactly what it is. The waitor came over and explained each dish, about where the ingreidnets were from and everything that had been done to the ingredients, like some short magical story about how it ended up on your plate. I loved it. I wish I taped it so I could tell you exactly what everything was. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

The deal is that there are five courses on the menu. And you could get three courses or five. There were also three specials of the day, but you could only add them to your meal, not substitute any of them. So my plan was to order three courses from the main menu (you could pick which ones) and add two of the specials in. Genius. It only works out as a teeny bit more expensive as getting the normal five courses, barely much difference.


Dad and I also got wine pairings. He got it for all five courses, whereas I got it for just three of my five, because, well, we’d know what happened if I had all five (spoiler alert: I still had to take an Uber home).

When the wine was poured I got super excited because I knew the food wouldn’t be far off.



The first wine was delicious. I don’t usually like white all that much unless it’s summer, but really good white is a different story.

The first dish was the Squid, Celeriac, Thyme. Again, I WISH I had taped what he said the dish exactly was. At least I’ve kept a little mystery in your lives. The celeriac was shaved like a thin pasta.


Delicious, of course. We were just getting started.

Second wine meant second course.



This was the Cod, Cucumber, Buttermilk. Everything just looked stunning.


Since I only had three courses of wine, the next bottle that came out was just for Dad. It wasn’t that dissapointing though because I knew I got to try it.

Also, I’m not really sure why I kept taking pictures of the wine labels, but in my head I thought everyone might like to see them. So I just went with it.


This was the one wine I didn’t like. It was a cloudy wine, and tasted not good to me. Thank goodness I didn’t get that one. To be honest, I wasn’t even half way through my first two glasses.


This is when we started to mix things up and we’d get different courses. Oh, the dinner table excitement.

Mum had the Onions, Egg Yolk, Hay Cheese. It looked so good, but I wasn’t upset because I knew this would be my next course.


Dad, Ming and I all got one of the specials, which was a Salmon dish. I wish I could tell you more, but it was delicious. Can you see that bit of salmon peaking out under there?


Dad was excited for his first red wine of the evening. Mum was excited because it sounded vaguely like her name.



Ming and I were now sharing the rest of our courses so we technically got to try all the dishes (apart from the chicken, which neither of us are eating). I got the special which was a Cheese course. It’s from a Danish cow but got pasturised in Germany because of laws against it in this country, then brought back to Denmark. See, these kinds of stories!

It was so so good.


Ming then had the onions, which meant I did too. Also insanely good. Dad got the same thing.


Mum, on the other hand, stuck with the menu and got the Chicken, Beetroot, Walnut. Which looked amazing and probably tasted just as good.


And, my favourite wine of all, dessert wine appeared. As bad as it is for you, dammit I love it. This was my bottle (sorry if you really don’t give a crap about the bottles).


And this was Dad’s, a darker dessert wine.


They were different because, of course, we were having different courses.

I liked mine better. I was a very happy bunny.


My dessert was the one on the menu – Pear, Camomile, Grains.

I actually didn’t even remember what he said was exactly in it, but there was a melody of other stuff that was just ridiculously good. That crunchy stuff? Was that grains? I had no idea, but I couldn’t get enough of it!


I was still sharing with Ming, and she ordered the special dessert of the day, which was a Plum dish. It was also really, really good. I’m not sure which I liked better. I think mine.


To top it off, we got the bill and these white chocolate chewy delights appeared. This place knows how to make dinner special.


I’m patting myself on the back to bring them here on their last night in Copenhagen. Tour guide level 100.


    • November 23, 2015 / 8:04 am

      Was fantastic – I’d go back for the bread and wine alone!

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