Breakfast at Møller – Kaffe & Køkken, Copenhagen

During my last few days of Copenhagen, it seemed that I wanted to do everything in the city that I loved. Apparently, that was brunch. I found myself ordering brunch plates any chance I could. There was even an occassion I saw brunch was ending in a couple of minutes and I dashed to put my order in the kitchen. It felt a lot more dramatic and heated at the time than it does now.

On my last morning in this beautiful city, it was no different. Brunch would be the only thing that would make leaving less painful. My room was empty, my suitcases were buldging over the weight limit, and my heart had a hole that only a Danish brunch could fill.


I’d spotted this place how I spot most places I go to – through Instagram.







After running around the cafe, I spotted the cake above, Brunsviger. All I heard when my friends described it to me was that it was covered in brown sugar, aka goodness.

I ordered a slice for us to share, then hopped back to my seat to scan the menu. I love how brunch works here. A classic brunch plate is either full of different goodies, or you get a nice little menu where you can tick what small dishes you want.


Here, they asked us all to use just one slip with all our orders on it, so we went through each dish one by one and raised our voices when we wanted something delicious.



We fuelled up with some liquids. Water you go and get yourself. I love any place that doesn’t charge you for tap water in the city, since it happens basically everywhere.


A little OJ…


And teas and coffees.



Then our cake came, which we split evenly between the four of us, just to get a taste.



Holy crap, we should have really got one each. It was SO good. I had a big chunk of brown butter in my mouth and I didn’t even feel bad. That good.

Our dishes then started pouring out. First, the Bread with Butter Combi – Sourdough & Rye Bread.


A couple of orders of Scrambled Egg with Ketchup from Funen.


Nuggets of Free Range Chicken With Mayo. I wasn’t eating chicken, but I’m not going to pretend I wasn’t tempted.


Spicy Roasted Sausages. I wasn’t eating pork either, but I-Mae swooned over how good these were.


Bea got herself ‘The Egg’ – Boiled Egg with Cress.


We also got a couple of orders of Avocado with Cardinal Red Pepper and Fraîche. The avocado wasn’t very ripe, which was a bit annoying.


Some cheese for our bread – Svendbo Organic Emmentaler in the background and Organic ‘Naturbrie’ Soft Cheese at the front.


Wasn’t it beautiful?


It was, as it looks, delicious. You know how much I love sharing and trying a bit of everything. Brunch here is a dream. Can we bring this concept, like, everywhere, please?

After this, I went back home, said my goodbyes, and hauled my suitcases down from the ‘tower’, which is the top floor of the building. No lift. Then back to London it was. Copenhagen, you’ve been amazing!

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