Breakfast at The Union Kitchen, Copenhagen

As the last week in Copenhagen looms over me, my checklist of places I need to visit gets longer and longer. The Union Kitchen grabbed my attention as soon as I saw their super cute coffees on Instagram. Yep, it’s that simple.

Kristen booked a table for her, Bea and I, and in the midst of all our exams and studying, off we went. If there’s one thing I’m never short of is finding girls who want to brunch. Brunch is embedded deep into our hearts.







Inside was lovely, but if my blogging experience has taught me anything, it’s that photos are better with natural light (not sun directly on it though). The girls were up for sitting outside – it was actually a nice, sunny day. In December. We spent the whole bike ride here going “Whaaaaaat”.





When it was time to order, I remembered that I saw pictures of their really nice juices. The girls had also seen pictures of the cute coffees, and we asked if we could actually pick the template. The woman was so lovely and said of course we could.

Kristen picked her favourite one from pictures (it was definitely the best), and Bea and I took a gamble with whatever they decided to give us.


This was Kristen’s. See what I mean? The best.


Mine was their ‘The Union Kitchen’ one, which kind of makes the picture.


Bea, on the other hand, gets a Batman coffee.


As I said, we also got juices. Orange Juice for me, Carrot and Orange for Bea.


I’ve seen heaps of other ones, like “Fuck You Emmerys”. I thought that was hilarious.

Then, there was food.


I went for the Union Kitchen Eggs Florentine. Smoked salmon, poached egg & spinach with truffle oil on homemade brioche biscuit, hollandaise sauce and pomegranate. Doesn’t that sound like the dream? Because it tasted like it.


In London it’s pretty standard to get two of them, but one was actually enough for me. Well, I did have porridge a couple hours earlier. But still.

Kristen got the Toasted Rye BRead, Cottage Cheese, Smoked Salmon, Fennel & Radish Crudités.


Bea got what I nearly ordered – Toasted Rye Bread with Avocado, Coriander, Chili Flakes, Lemon & Poached Egg.

Happy yolk perving.





One of the most picture-perfect breakfasts I’ve had here. And delicious. Did I mention delicious yet?


It was so good that I went inside and booked it again for a couple days later since Papa Bridges was stopping through for the morning. I had the brunch plate, which is only on weekends. And batman coffee.

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