Dinner at Kitchen Table, London

There’s a restaurant called Bubbledogs in London, which serves champagne and hot dogs. Sounds like the dream, right? I’ve wanted to go there for absolutely ages, but it just hasn’t happened yet!

One little fun fact is that at the back of the restaurant, there’s a door that leads to another restaurant, Kitchen Table. Now the fact gets even more fun when I find out that this is actually a Michelin Star restaurant. Word on the street is you need to book months in advanced. Well, that’s what Boy told me when he dropped the bomb that his colleague was unable to make her reservation for 2, so guess who was going to Kitchen Table that night? POW POW.


Through the curtain, you’ll find a U-Shaped table around an open kitchen that seats 19. Not all at once though, through two different seatings.



I love eating at an open kitchen. You get to watch the chefs, chat to them, everything. It’s just such a cool expereince.


The menu they have changes seasonally, of course. There’s no description, just the base ingredient of each dish.

There’s 13 courses. The one’s in brackets are optional courses for an extra little bit of money. Boy and I got them for just one of us so we could try it and share.


Since Bubbledogs was literally right outside the door, only one drink felt appropriate to me.


Boy saw differently and had a beer, which came in the same cool glass as the water.


I was too excited for dinner to start! Usually a reservation at a place like this gives you time to build excitement for it. Since it was so unexpected, it was hitting me all at once, at dinner.



And before I knew it, it was starting.

Like all great fancy places, they don’t share the description of the menu, but instead announce it after they put the plate in front of you. I need to start physically recording what they say. I’m sorry I don’t remember, but here are some pretty pictures to make up for it! I’ll do my best in explaining…

First was the Oyster course. On top of it was this delicious sauce and flavoured shaved ice, which gave me a bit of a brain freeze so I had to eat it a bit of the ice slowly first before popping the whole thing straight into my mouth. Boy wasn’t so tactical, which resulted in hearing an “ARGHHHH” right next to me.


Next, Potato. It was like a fancy (and obviously delicious) giant potato crisp with toppings.


After that, Chicken. I think it was all on chicken skin, which is the crisp base.

Mine was topped with a tomato something, as I remember.


Boy’s was topped with something else, I think it was duck. This was because when they called Boy up before the reservation to confirm and check dietery requirements, he said I didn’t eat red meat, which was fairly accurate because I wasn’t eating meat at all during that time, but I stretch for occassions like this.

Either way, I didn’t feel like I’d missed out. Mine was delicious. Do I really have to say one by one for all 16 dishes how freaking delicious they were?


Okay, as I was writing this post, I read the next dish on the menu and I was like, Parmerhouse? What? I Googled it (obviously) and it wasn’t a word. I texted Boy a picture of the food and menu name and asked him what this was, because the word didn’t seem to exist. After a 5 minute discussion, he then suggested, “Parkerhouse”? I Googled for confirmation, and Parkerhouse is a bread roll. GENIUS.

So Parkerhouse wasn’t the butter dish like I thought, it was the roll that came with it! And I’d thought it was the side dish all along. How wrong I was.

Instead, the side dish was actually this plate of goodness. It was butter with honeycomb, and it was insanely good.


I was thinking how this was the most incredible Brioche Bun I’d ever had. Now it makes sense as the star of the show.


I absolutely drenched my warm roll with the butter. There was so much there!


You can imagine me tactically piling on every last drop to my bread so I didn’t waste any, even though there was heaps of it. You can imagine my face when more bread started going round. I had rationed it perfectly, NOW I HAD NOT ENOUGH LEFT. And in no world would I pass up on another of those brioche rolls (we had yet another one to share when they came round a third time).

Good thing Boy loves to share with me…


Mackerel was next. This was one of my favourite dishes of the night. It was so light and so beautifully flavoured.


Then, Scallop. I always get so excited when I see scallop on a menu. It was presented beautifully too.


The next was Pumpkin, one of the three optional dishes that Boy and I bought to share.

What sold it to me was when I was told it was on a linguine with lots of shaved truffle on top. For any truffle lover, this is it. For any pumpkin non-lover like myself, put your doubts away. It was insanely good.


The next dish was back to the normal menu, Sausage. However, Boy had said no red meat, which meant no sausage for Bianca. Which meant my dish was this beautiful bouqet, topped with a Mackerel sauce.



It was good, of course, but there was something missing. That something was sausage, which Boy felt no hestitation of gobbling up in front of me. Hmph.


Next was Lamb, which I was less fussed about missing. My sausage love derrives from my love of Sausage & Egg McMuffins as a child. I get classier everyday, don’t I?

Boy said the Lamb was delicious.


I think that’s what he said, at least. I couldn’t hear him over the sensual sounds I was making as I ate my veggie option, which was Cauliflower 3-Ways. To me, cauliflower is such a basic food which I don’t really rate that much, but they turned it into what was my overall favourite dish that night. That little sprinkle of curry powder on top topped it off to perfection.

I somehow managed to give Boy a little taste and he even swooned over it. I’d recommend anyone going veggie here just so they can have a taste of this bad boy.


Ricotta was next. I don’t remember a lot about this dish, probably because I ate it up in a few bites.


Next, Cep, which is mushroom. The mushroom was paired with brown butter ice cream. This was the only dish not for me. I think I’m not developed enough yet to appreciate this combination of ingredients. Too umami for me.


I focused my attentions on the next dish.

Have I mentioned how much fun it was watching the chefs do their thing?



You think I didn’t notice that little cheeky tray of bread still there? I’d been eyeing that up all night.

We were officially in dessert central now with this Pear dish. So, so good.


As I was scoffing yet another of the dishes down, the head chef came up to me and asked me if I was a chef. I said I wasn’t, but I blogged about food, and he said he asked because I ate like a chef. WELL, you can imagine that I didn’t stop talking about this for the entire night to Boy. Or to anyone else since then who has commented on the speed I eat. Maybe I should take another avenue in life…

Next up was the Prune dish, the last of our extra dishes. I’m not into prunes so I wasn’t absolutely nuts about this dish, but it was still yummy with all the deliciousness it was paired with. The prune part was just less fun to me than all the rest.


I was a little wary about the Parsnip dish. It was a Parsnip cake, also paired with what only can be described as heaven. This was SO good. VIVA LA PARSNIP CAKE.


Things kept getting better, and this Caramel beauty arrived.


This is how it looked a bite in. Filled with caramel, ice-creamy goodness. Oh my lord.


I wasn’t sure how to eat it. I had grabbed it with my fingers, but I looked around and everyone was holding the base it was sat on and using that to put it in their mouths. I thought that probably made more sense, as I licked the melting chocolate off my fingers.

To finish things all off (sob) was Vanilla, in the form of Vanilla Fudge. It didn’t dissapoint.


How else to end a seriously insane meal that with a digestive?



That was for Boy. I’d had a glass of champange and red wine already, and I didn’t get a chance to put on any make up before I came so my cheeks were flushing red. No more alcohol for me.

I walked out of there blown away by what such an unxpectidedly fantastic night. A huge thank you to James Knappett at the rest of the team, everyone was so lovely and made what I thought was just another evening so, so special. If you get the chance to go, DO IT.


  1. December 2, 2015 / 1:04 pm

    SO glad you enjoyed! I went in February (having booked the previous November) and absolutely loved it, though with I’d stuck to just two glasses of booze as it was a bit blurry towards the end! James’s wife so sweetly wrote the entire menu down for me, in the most amazing handwriting! Luckily, as otherwise my blog on it would’ve been pretty vague!!

    Rosie xx

    • December 6, 2015 / 7:41 pm

      Hahaha ahhh my evening was quickly heading that way too, but at least that means you had a good time! That’s so lovely of her! Such amazing food and people, so great to hear you enjoyed it just as much as we did!
      B xx

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