Breakfast at Speedo’s Cafe, Sydney

One thing we like to do when we’re Sydney is go on a walk. Every. Single. Morning. It used to be a walk down to Balmoral Beach, but we’ve expanded our horizons and our walks now include the walk from Bondi to Coogee (although we’ve never actually made it to Coogee, we always turn and walk back to Bondi to get back to the car) and the Spit Bridge to Manly walk.

Another thing we do is eat breakfast (obviously), but we try new places most days since everything here is like gold in your mouth and there never seems to be enough days to do them all. It’s like a superlame, very small jackpot in our head when we manage to sync a walk and breakfast in one event together (literally a mind-blown explosion in ours though). Today was the Bondi walk, in the direction of Coogee for half an hour, then half an hour back to get to Speedo’s Cafe for an hour of breakfast. Because, you know, parking.


What we didn’t consider was how happenin’ Speedo’s was. Every man and his dog (literally) was there.

The queue kind of scared me at first but we (Ming) soon realised it was the queue for takeaway. There was only a couple of people in front of us waiting for a table.










I’m sure you’ve guessed that all this picture-taking while I waited was how I controlled my ever-building excitement.

Soon enough, we were seated.




Coffees, teas and smoothies were ordered.




Ming and I planned to share. Well, actually I don’t think we did. I think it was more “let’s get different things so we have more things to photograph”. From Day 1 she said she wanted the Coconut Chia Pot – Cocowhip (vegan froyo, which is insaaaaaaane, I’ve followed them on Insta forever which is how in love I am), blueberry, strawberry, melon, veganola, macqui.

This came out first. It was a thing of beauty. BEAUTY I TELL YOU.


Ming was kind enough to let us share with her. I think I took ‘share’ a little more literally than she meant it.

It was safe to say we demolished it in zero time at all (I would say under a good 5 minutes). It arrived about 5 minutes after we ordered, so we kind of expected everything to arrive soon after. It didn’t. I think the length seemed a lot longer because of how quickly we got the first dish. Papa Bridges is also the most impatient person. A lot of huffs. A lot of looking at the waitress coming out with food then walking past our tabe. A lot of “THEY ARRIVED AFTER US”.

After asking about the food 3 times (mostly to get Dad off my back and for him to be proud of his little girl being proactive) our meals arrived. I ordered the Veggie Patch – soft poached zaatar eggs, halloumi, mushroom, cherry tomato, corn, kale, rye sourdough toast.




I think the yolk porn was the only sexy thing about it. It felt a little bleak after Ming’s triumphant breakfast.

As did Dad’s Green Goodness Bowl – poached eggs, avocado, chickpea, flax + sesame seed fritters, vegannaise, leafy greens, quinoa soy sourdough toast.


And Hamish’s Egg White Omelette – Chicken breast, ricotta, mushroom, kale, roasted tomato, caramelised onion, quinoa soy sourdough toast. He said it was delicious though.


Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing hugely wrong with them, it was just a little anti-climax after the first dish. It made me even more sad that I originally ordered the porridge but they ran out, which means it’s good. Drats.

Order what Ming did 100%, and I know there’s heaps of other beautiful, delicious stuff on the menu (because I stalk their Instagram) so go for that. Word on the street is they do a pretty delish vegan burger.

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