Dinner at Osteria Mozza, Singapore


The only bonus about not being with your family on your birthday is that when you’re reunited, it’s basically your birthday all over again. Hello, birthday weekend!

Ming was the sweetheart she always is and was determined to find the best place possible for all of us to celebrate. And she did it. Say hello to one of the best Italian restaurants in Singapore! The restaurant is from LA, and they opened one up over here. So you know it’s good.




As you can see, Dad had power-walked there and was already waiting. He was that excited.

Probably not as excited as me though. I was hungry as hell.




… And thirsty.


It was so great to be reunited with the best people.






I was catching up with everything I’d missed in the past couple of months.

Including this little burn. What a survivor this guy is. It’s from a candle, if you were wondering.


Then the bread came around. Finally.



There were even some nibbles given to the table. I can’t remember what they were, but it was delightful. Not much pleases me more than some complementary nibbles. It’s that easy.


Choosing what to eat was hard because there was so many choices on the menu. There was even a Mozzarella Bar. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO.

The best thing about so many people is that you can often sucker one person into sharing with you. My beloved sister was the sucker tonight. Another plus is that you get to take pictures of so many different meals for you all to see. A negative is running around the table like a crazy person and snapping pictures, but I’ve learnt to be okay with that.

Since we’re such a sharing and caring family, we all end up having bites of each other’s meal anyway. I’ll save the time saying how delicious everything was and just tell you what they were. First up, Octopus with potatoes, celery & lemon. Om nom nom.


I was also determined to get something from the Mozzarella Bar, so I went for the Burrata with Leeks Vinaigrette & Mustard Breadcrumbs. Not my usual choice, but it was the best sounding option without meat.


Not too sure what this is. Sorry. I forgot. But it looks yummy? Food blogger points right here.


The Mussels with Tomato, Chillies & Herbs was reaaaal good. The sauce was super thick and delicious, which was the point of the bread. Soak that baby right up.


Andddddd more burrata, left right and center. Mmmmm.



After starters, it was present time. Present time never gets old.





A spoilt little shit, indeed.

Especially with the mains that were coming up. In my eyes, it’s a crime to not order pasta at an Italian restaurant. Bella shared the same opinion, and went for the Orecchiette with fennel sausage & Swiss chard.


Some of the grown-ups (can I say that still if I’m now 22?) went for the meatier options, like this little number. Lamb Chops with Insalata di Fregola Sarda (no idea), Mint & Yogurt.



Mama Bridges had her favourite dish which she will get without a doubt if it’s on the menu – any type of seafood linguine. This was Linguine with Clams, Pancetta & Spicy Chillies.


Papa Bridges went for the Sea Trout with Umbrian lentils & red cabbage sottocetto. I can honestly say I thought this was salmon until looking at the menu right now. More food blogger points.


Ming and I joined forces, and instead of getting a pasta option and something else less starchy, two pasta options seemed like a really good idea. Well, one of them was actually gnocchi, which makes all the difference in my eyes. It was the Ricotta Gnocchi with Maiitake Mushrooms & Bloomsdale Spinach.


Our second one was actually recommended by the waiter, and something I would have never have gone for otherwise. It was the Celery Root Cappellacci with Bluefoot Mushrooms. For someone who doesn’t like celery (me), that sounds like the most horrific dish, and I skimmed past it right away. But he said the flavour was so subtle, and holy shit, was it. It complemented the dish so well that I actually enjoyed it. IT’S A BIG NIGHT.


Oh, and the cheese didn’t hurt either.


After so much pasta and lunging at each other’s dishes, we were pretty stuffed to the brim. There’s always the good old peppermint tea to convince yourself that you’re detoxing everything you’ve just eaten.


But it was a birthday celebration, so dessert was essential to finish off the night.

Dessert with a candle in it.



After some public humiliation in the form of a happy birthday song (just kidding, I secretly really enjoyed my 20 seconds of limelight), it was time to destroy.

It was none other than the Piccolo Budino Caldo di Cioccolato with Praline, Butter Pecan Gelato & Bourbon Butterscotch. Sounds fancy, right? It’s basically a chocolate lava cake. Also known as heaven.


Holy crap was that good. What was SERIOUSLY insane as well was Bella’s chocolate gelato that she initially ordered for herself, but everyone started to attack. If Dairy Milk took the form of gelato, this is it. That description doesn’t even sound nearly as appealing as I want it to, but that’s what I thought as I ate it, and holy crapola was it one of the best gelatos I’ve ever had. Dairy Milk but 235134124 times more enjoyable.


Sorry, did it sound like those were the only desserts on the table?

There were 6 desserts on the menu (not including gelato and cheese) and we ordered half of them. We, being Ming, Bella, Hamish and I – the adults had their own desserts. And remember, we are all stuffed full. As in, can’t move. That’s how crazy good they all looked. If I had it my way, we’d be having all of them. Actually, having 3 was my idea to be fair. Self-control is important, kids.

Also featuring on the table was Fritelle di Riso with Banana Gelato & Rum Raisin Sauce. Hello, fried goodness. God the gelato here is just insane!


Next, Apple Borsellino with Caramel Gelato & Whipped Crème Fraîche.



If you can only have one dessert, go for the chocolate heaven. Actually, just some chocolate gelato. Or any gelato. If you’re stuffed full, it’s the best thing to go for. Gelato is more or less liquid, eventually. You’re never too full for it.

Such a perfect night, and an amazing way to end the self-proclaimed birthday weekend. A huge thank you to MIng Ming for sorting this all. Hello, 22!


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