Dinner at Yulli’s, Sydney

As a now fully officially herbivore (that’s right, no more fish everybody), it was only natural to find the best places for us to eat out in Sydney. Somewhere that’s gotten rave reviews is Yulli’s. And to confirm our hopes that it was good, Penny came over, and when we told her where our dinner plans were, she told us that her friends love it and she’d always wanted to try it. BOOM.

Joined with one pescatarian and three meat eaters, we went off to eat what should just be called delicious food. No veggie/vegan labels required.








It was a really cool place. Good for a group of friends or a date.

Hello, cocktails and beer.



The food here was incredbile. Like, insanely good. As in, if you’re in Sydney, go now. If you’re not, get your ass to Sydney.

First up was the Steamed Leek and Ginger Dumplings Served with a Fresh Plum Sauce.


Next, the Silken Sichuan Tofu with Crispy Enoki Mushrooms & Chilli Ginger Caramel. So, so good. 5 people attacking at all angles.



This was a little harder to share amongst 5. Edamame and Coconut Money Bags Served with Garlic and Green Chilli Vinegar.

These got even more rave reviews from the group than the dumplings.


Another absolutely insane dish was the Korean Fried Broccolini with Sticky Sour Chilli Sauce & Roasted Peanuts.


The biggest surprise for me was the Okonomiyaki with Pickled Fennel, Wasabi Mayo & Seaweed Dust. I wasn’t originally going to order it because 1) I had no idea what Okonomiyaki was and 2) I don’t exactly jump for joy about fennel. The waitress said it was one of her faves though, and I couldn’t argue with that.

Turns out Okonomiyaki is a thick, savoury Japanese pancake. Oh, and it’s also DELICIOUS.



Whilst we were demolishing, the waitress came back with another beer for Hamish. Turns out they were discussing what pale ale to get and ordered one, but she brought Hamish a different one instead, but of course he didn’t notice. So it was a nice surprise when she brought him another beer, which is the one they had selected together.

Big night for Hamish. How nice is the branding of the labels?


After the first round of food, we were stuffed. But the second round was coming, so we had to loosen our trousers and man up. Good thing I wore stretchies.

At least the first dish was pretty light. San Chay Bow – Five Spice Tofu, Tea Flower Mushrooms, Glass Noodles, Peanuts and Coriander Served with Lettuce Cups. Super delicious though. Another must-order.


We also got the Pan-Fried Halloumi with Roasted Radicchio, Smoked Coconut & a Fat Nerd Vanilla Porter & Mixed Berry Jam.

I actually wasn’t too keen on this one. I think the halloumi killed the Asian vibes we were chowing on.


I also wasn’t that impressed with the side of Mixed Chips – Sweet Potato, Lotus Root & Spanish Onion. I thought it’d be better than it was.


But the one dish we were probably most excited for was what we thought was actually our least favourite. The Halloumi Toasted Bagel with Avocado, Grilled Mushroom, Caramelised Onion, Fries and Hot Salsa. It sounds SO good, but again I think we were loving the Asian dishes which were incredible, and this was a little bland in comparison.


A 100% must-visit restauarant, but stick to the Asian dishes. YAMMA.

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