Lunch at Cafe Mish, London

What am I doing in a random sandwich bar in Mayfair?

I was invited down to try some of their delicious sandwiches. Honestly, I’m glad I was, because I don’t work in the area. I don’t spend a huge amount of time in Mayfair. But even if I did, it’s unlikely I would have walked in. I’m not a huge fan of the branding, and that would probably be the only way I would have noticed it unless I’d been told to go. Actually, maybe I would have spotted the line building up outside the teeny cafe. Good thing I made it in before the lunch hour rush.


LIke I said, the cafe is small, and it doesn’t look anything hugely special. Nice is a good way to describe it.




But then there are a few things you notice. Like hey, those treats on the counter look damn good.



My excitement levels were still pretty normal though. I hadn’t tried anything yet.

We sat ourselves down on two of the very few seats in the cafe.


I had chatted to the manager (who was lovely) about what to order. He suggested a few things, most of which were non-veggie things. Mama Bridges was going to have to help me out.

The number one thing he said to try was the Salt Beef – slow braised salted beef, sweet pickle gherkins, dijonnaise on a caraway bloomer. He gave us a half-portion split into two so we had more room to eat.


Mama Bridges said it was incredible. As in, her absolute favourite sandwich is the salt beef sandwich at Selfridges. And she said this was better.


They have some specials, and the soup was one of them. It was a salmon soup, said to be amazing. Well, Mama Bridges can confirm this. I’d like to think of her as my strictest taster.




I’m pretty sure I saw a tear of joy in her eye. She wouldn’t stop going on about how good it was. Damn me not being pescatarian anymore.

Oh well, I had other things on my mind. Namely this baby: Wild Mushroom Gruyere Croque Monsieur on Toasted Ciabatta.


Holy moly was this a thing of beauty. One bite was all it took for the pressure to make the mushrooms start spilling out all over the place.


I had to get the paper it was served on to wrap it up tightly and stop the mushroom and cheese goodness going everywhere.


The finale was another special. This time, a turkey sandwich.


Although it was no ordinary turkey sandwich. The turkey was juicy and delicious – nothing like most turkey I’ve had in the past. Again, I sat in a sulk as Mama Bridges very much enjoyed herself.



One of the guys in the queue saw the sandwich, pointed to it and said “I want that”. Oh yes, you do.

We were both bursting full at this point. I had just come from breakfast meetings and reviews so had already eaten massive amounts that day. And Mama Bridges had just stuffed her face with sandwiches and soup. I needed a peppermint tea to cleanse.


Mama couldn’t handle the rest of the turkey, but refused to leave it behind. We wrapped that bad boy up.


Mama B skipped off, too excited to tell people about this amazing sandwich spot. Such an unexpectedly fantastic lunch. If you find yourself in the area, do yourself a favour and grab a soup or sandwich. Or both. GET IT ALL.


  1. Jazz Coupland
    March 18, 2016 / 1:22 pm

    Oh dear. I have just created a “Food to visit in Ldn” list. That mushroom number is firmly on said list. P.S. sorry for all the reply spam, these posts are getting me v. excited!! xxx

    • March 21, 2016 / 6:06 pm

      Don’t be sorry AT ALL I love a comment! Yayayay, I completely get you, my ‘TO DO LONDON’ list is getting ridiculous. xx

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