Lunch at Pollen, Singapore

I know I’ve blogged about Pollen before. I wasn’t actually planning on blogging but brought my camera along just in case, however once I stepped inside and remembered just how beautiful it was, I couldn’t help snapping away. That’s why there’s no pictures of our little buggy ride over (although there was plenty on my Snapchat for those who follow me: biancabridges, shameless self-promo).







Also, this time it wasn’t just Mum and I having a girlie lunch.

It was the whole gang out in full force.


I took a peak at the menu, and it wasn’t overly veggie friendly…


Oh yeah I’m kind of veggie now. Just a quick FYI. Let’s not make this a big deal.

Although you kind of have to when you’re at a restaurant and have to be all “excuse me but please may I see the veggie menu”. But just own it.


Oh HELLO delicious options!

The veggie options looked so good that everyone stole it off me and started ordering off it. Probably a good tip to ask to see it anyway to have a peak. It looked insane.

There are moments where you know rosé feels right, at this was one of those moments. A magnum bottle was required.



It’s also a little chilly there, but the staff are so nice that they brought around little wraps for us to keep our little bare legs warm.


And then there was bread. Little cheesey ones, then a delicious baguette-like loaf with super yummy mustardy spread.




I ran around like a little child taking pictures of everyone’s food.

First up, the starters. Lots of people went for the set menu. This was Clay-baked beets, roasted ricotta, candied chestnuts and crushed berries.


Hamish had the Stockyard beef tartare, saikyo onion, daikon, charcoal and garlic oil.


Ming had the Cured trout, dill tapioca, calamansi, sea herbs.



Everyone had more or less the same starters, which made it pretty easy photo-wise. Aka made me less annoying.

For mains, the veggie menu came in very handy. Someone (I think it was Bella) went for the Truffle and parmesan gnocchi, broccolini, orange and capers.


Gnocchi was pretty popular – someone else ordered the Pumpkin gnocchi, brown butter, sage, black chantereles, cabbage from the set menu choices.


Grandma went all out and got the christmas-themed Bronze turkey breast, pork, apricot and sage stuffing, sprouts, salt-baked potatoes, carrots, also from the set menu.


The last set menu main was the Barramundi, pickled and roasted cauliflower, braised prunes and samphire. I secretly like it when we get all the options on a menu, even if it’s 3 set menu mains. Super lame. Don’t judge me.


I didn’t have a starter because Mum, Bella and I had snuck off for breakfast literally an hour earlier. Mum couldn’t stomach a starter either. So our mains were our everything.

Mine was the Potatoes cooked in caramel butter, smoked goat’s curd, carrot soil, mint vinaigrette.


And then….. My camera died. As did a part of my heart.

You didn’t miss much. Oh, apart from really cool dried ice smoke or whatever coming out of someone’s meal. Heart-broken. I have failed you.

Afterwards, we ran around the connected conservatory at Gardens By The Bay, where I tried (and failed) for a good Instagram shot and wondered how much air-con this place uses up.

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