Dinner at Dumplings’ Legend, London

So in my last post, I was celebrating Chinese New Year in Bath. The Chinese New Year festivities (aka me eating Chinese food and whining about not being at home) continued to London through the weekend. It was actually Valentines Day – Boy and I don’t really ever do anything big for it. No presents, no cards, no romantic dinners, it’s usually just us cooking dinner at home and being cute. This year, Boy decided he wanted to watch Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna at the Royal Albert Hall, so that’s what we did! There weren’t that many seats left so he booked what we could, and it turns out he got a box. Huzzzzzzah! Princess Bianca was very happy.

I’d been craving dumplings for the longest time, so I suggested hitting up Chinatown afterwards, which was actually jam-packed (surprise, surprise, on Chinese New Year…). It was just before 6pm so I assumed there wouldn’t be a line, but of course there was. But by the time we got to the front, the line was out the door. Whaaaaat.



It’s not like the restaurant was small, either. It was a pretty big place, full of people happily munching away.

Thankfully, I was sat with this one after a not too ridiculous wait.





We were starving so were keen to order quickly, which probably made them pretty happy as they seemed to be keen to get people in and out as fast as possible with the amount of customers waiting.

We started things off with some greens, Stir-Fried Broccoli.


There were lots of different rices, but the Supreme Egg Fried Rice with Chopped Spring Onions had a little star next to it (and was veggie) so I picked that one.

Holy crap, was this the best decision. Om nom nom.


Another top decision of the evening was this bowl of goodness – Silken Tofu Cubes with Mixed Mushrooms.


Silken indeed. The best Chinese tofu I’ve had, probably ever.

Since visiting Singapore, Boy can’t hit up a Chinese restaurant without ordering some Sichuan-Style Spicy Wonton.


Wonton is literally the best thing ever. I couldn’t have any, but that spicy sauce was drenched over my rice. MMMMMMMMM. Please no one break my heart and tell me the sauce isn’t veggie.

Boy also ordered some Pork Dumplings, which he said he actually didn’t need since we’d ordered more than enough. Greedy. Too bad I couldn’t help him out anymore.


I was more focused on these babies – Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings.


And Vegetarian Siu Long Bao.


I couldn’t decide which I liked better. Both were so good.


What a glorious spread.



To top it off, a little Jasmine Tea.


We stuffed ourselves silly, but had a few dumplings to take home. I can assure you that these did not make it through the night.

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