Dinner at The Scallop Shell, Bath

So it’s been a year since I’ve been back in Bath. Isn’t that crazy? It’s hectic being back, but so great as well, I literally feel like I’ve travelled back in time. I wish I had more time to play instead of being thrown head-first into work. Oh well, the last 4 months of the 4 years is here!

It’s weird going to places I’ve never been to, or never even heard of, in Bath. I’m not sure if it opened whilst I was away, and if it opened before, I can’t understand why I didn’t know about the place before. One of these places is The Scallop Shell, the most adorable fish and chips place in town.









Everyone was so friendly. They do lots of takeaways (people kept coming in to pick food up), which are all handed over in big paper bags. I can see lots of takeaways from here in my future.

I was dining with these beauties. My hair is kind of doing that woo-hoo thing where I’ve just been to the gym and also worn a hat but then tried to fluff it up for a decent picture.



Since I’d just been to the gym, I was STARVING. I’m doing Kayla’s programme, and it was arms and abs day. Probably shouldn’t be eating chips…



We were asked if we’d been here before. We hadn’t, so they taught us how it works. One person is in charge of the clipboard, and you tally how much you want of whatever on the menu.


I was the HBIC.


Sadly for me, none of the starters were veggie. I mean, duh, we’re in bloody seafood heaven.

The girls shared Crisp Fried Squid. The squid is from Brixham (it says on the menu, I googled it an it’s a small fishing town) and comes with garlic aioli.



The girls ate it up as I stared intensely.

Then, it arrived. IT ALL ARRIVED.


Louise got a classic Prime Cod Fillet (from North Atlantic MSC) with chips and tartare sauce.


Elizabeth went for the Monkfish on the Bone (from Looe) with chips and tartare.


Don’t you love how the sauces are served in scallop shells? I GET THE NAME.

I-Mae ordered the Sea Harvested Mussels (from Bixham) with onion, garlic, chips and aioli.


Don’t they look INSANE?


So you might be like, why did B even go here, where’s the veggie at? IT’S RIGHT HERE.

The only veggie option, but the only one I wanted. Spiced Chickpea & Fresh Coriander Fritters with Chips & Sweet Chilli Jam. Mmmmmmmm. I saw it on the menu before I came, and needless to say I was excited.


And I also opted for a side of Homemade Mushy Peas. Om nom nom.


Everything looked so good. And tasted so good. The chips were ridiculousssss.


And to top it off, the bill came in a treasure chest with golden treasure in the form of chocolate mint goodness.


I am so determined to go everywhere in Bath before I leave. Maybe I should make a list…


  1. February 11, 2016 / 10:46 pm

    The Scallop Shell is pretty much a thirty second walk from my flat so I’ve enjoyed many a takeaway from there! I’m not overly keen on the chips but then, I’m not really a massive chips fan (I know, shoot me). The fish is lovely though and their menu is just ridiculous! They really do have something for everyone. I must go for a proper sit down meal there soon, just for those mussels and the treasure chest bill! That didn’t exist when it first opened! Oh, and yes, it’s only opened in the last year or so I think 🙂

    She’s So Lucy

    • February 15, 2016 / 9:29 pm

      Ahhhhh amazing! So good to know that it opened recently and I didn’t actually miss it for all those years! Thanks Lucy!

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