Breakfast at Molly Bakes, London

Did I mention how much I love my job today? Let me remind you.

As the Breakfast London and DripApp collaboration comes to an end, we’ve ended it on a high note. High on top of a big, fat milkshake for breakfast. Life is good. Life is fair.

The only thing a little unfair is how far away it was from me. Based in Hackney (which is a trek and a half from me), I grabbed Ming as my PIC and we headed to the sweet calls of what seems to be an Internet sensation at the moment.




Just check out these cakes. Drooling.




But I was here for something else, what’s known as ‘Freakshakes’ here. The fact that it was 9:30am at the time meant very little to me.


… As you can see here. I was very excited, although half of that excitement was to be inside the warm and dry space.


Ming initially was going for the Toast with Salmon, but sadly they’d run out. Instead, she opted for the Granola with Yoghurt, Berries and Honey.



And before anything else arrived, we were presented with this masterpiece.

Holy shitballs.


How long did you stare at that picture for? Because I keep scrolling back up to admire it in all it’s glory.

I wouldn’t have been able to focus on anything else if my breakfast wasn’t also such a pretty sight. Toast with Avocado – the name just doesn’t do it justice.


But, yeah, let’s get back to this.

It was the Peanut Butter Freakshake. Yes, that’s a peanut butter ice-cream sandwich on top. Yes, that’s toasted meringue on top of that (they’d run out of marshmallow). Yes, there’s honeycomb on top of that, and all around.


I didn’t know what to start with first, but obviously it was the shake. I was rotating each bite with each sip/bite of the shake and sips of my delicious almond milk flat white.


People online are literally going crazy for these freakshakes. Instagram HEAVEN.


  1. March 5, 2016 / 12:27 pm

    Ohh emmm geeeee! That is the dream, I’m planning my visit right now! Fab pics x

  2. March 6, 2016 / 11:18 am

    Oh my god that milkshake is a thing of dreams!

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