Brunch at 100 Wardour St, London

You know when you visit somewhere for the first time, and you just know you’ll find an excuse (any excuse, for that matter) to go back again soon? That was how I felt as soon as I stepped into 100 Wardour St. I was invited down to check out their new brunch offering, and who better to sit by my side for some champagne guzzling than Georgie?

I messaged her to see if she was free, and what I recieved was a big, fat YES! A few girls from her work had told her how great it was,\ so she had been pretty excited to check it out herself.


I don’t knoww what I was expecting, but the space was a lot bigger than I imagined it would be. Big and beautiful, just how I like ’em.





Downstairs looked gorgeous too. I didn’t venture down since they were setting up for a function, but I peaked through the window from upstairs. I was told that Friday and Saturday are always big nights with live music, and they move the tables for DJ and dancing at around 11. I’m desperate to come back and check this out for a late dinner and night out!


We were supposed to have a table for the main restaurant, but as soon as I spotted the lounge area, I was sold. Just look at that conservatory skylight. As any blogger/photographer/Instagramholic would know, this means the most BEAUTIFUL pictures!


We settled down center stage with our menus.



Sorry, what’s this? £15 for unlimited Prosecco?!


You know what was coming next. How to start your Saturday at 11am.




I wasn’t wearing make-up and my eye bags were out in full force. I tried a few photos and we decided that this pose would be best. At least my hair looks good.

You know what else looks good? The food. And this natural lighting. God I was gushing over it. For starters, I went for the Turkish Menemen + Scrambled Eggs to start with. Yep, that’s right, to START.


All I can say is I wish there was more bread to dip in that sauce. Om nom nom.

Georgie started off with Gluten Free Pancakes, Grilled Pancetta & Maple Syrup. The fanciest bacon and pancakes I ever did see.


There was no time to be full, because mains were next. I can’t remember the last time I had a three-course brunch!

I went for the Sweet Potato & Shiitake Mushroom Hash with Lemon Dressing. It was like a jumble of yumminess.


As I went for my veggie options, Georgie went the opposite end with the Steak Tartare, Provençale Style with Triple Cooked Chips.


The chips, of course, became sharing chips. Mmmm.


By that point we were so stuffed and a bottle of champagne down. When we were asked if we wanted any dessert, we looked at each other and knew that we couldn’t say no. We decided to share one, the Profiteroles with Salt Caramel and Hot Chocolate Sauce, which was apparently their most popular dessert. It was also a perfect size for us.


What. A. Brunch. We ended up staying for two hours longer than we had originally planned, drinking champagne and chatting shit. I had to order a coffee to try and sober up before my meetings later that day.


At £18.95 for two courses and £22.95 for three, I think it’s a pretty sweet deal. Now to book in for one of their dinners! Watch this space.

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