Celebrating Ricola Original’s 75th Anniversary

There are lots of things that make me think of my childhood. Great Danes, certain games, Tanglin Mall… And when I encounter any of them now, I get serious flashbacks and get all excited. I hope you’re with me and not all “What is she on about now?”

Another thing that reminds me of being younger is Ricola. Mama Bridges used to buy them for us all the time (from Tanglin Mall, funnily enough) and Ming and I would demolish a box of Blackcurrent, Mixed Berry or Original Swiss Herb bad boys in no time. Not only were they scrummy, but they made our mouths feel super fresh, so we popped those babies like nothing else. Since living in the UK, I barely see them around, so it’s major flashbacks anytime these enter my life again.


Like recently. Turns out Ricola is celebrating 75 years of their Ricola Original deliciousness (apparently their original recipe for the herb drop hasn’t changed since it’s invention in 1940 – insane), and guess who they want to celebrate with them? Well, everyone, not just me. But still. Also me.

That’s why I was overjoyed with excitement when I received this gift box! Is it my birthday? (Actually, it’s Ricola’s).


God, the excitement as I unwrapped.



It was a golden tin of their original Swiss Herb Candy. It says ’13 Swiss Herb’ because that’s what it is – their original 13 herb mixture (which is top secret, might I add). Word on the street is that this blend actually forms the foundation of all the other flavours of Ricola sweets.



To eat them, or to attempt to crack the code of the 13 herb mixture and suggest a Bianca flavour? Hmmm. If only. I’m pretty sure a chocolate marshmallow flavour wouldn’t go down so well. Or would it? Ricola, hear me out.


Ricola in Bath! It’s like a dream come true. I’m going to be minty fresh at all times (well, at least until I run out). Maybe I need to plan a trip down to Switzerland and visit the mothership…

If you’re keen to celebrate with Ricola too, hit up their website for more goodness! Om nom nom.


This article has been very kindly sponsored by my friends at Ricola! Thanks for involving me in your 75-year anniversary celebration!

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