Dinner at Electric Diner, London

You might have seen that I was at Electric Cinema a couple of weeks ago…

How to watch a movie 🎬

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We were watching Deadpool (which was great, by the way) whilst I was cuddled up in a blanket on my gorgeously soft armchair. I’ve been there a couple of times actually – I’ve sat on a bed at the front (when I say sat, I mean lay, and I say lay, I mean fell asleep) and on a sofa at the back. It’s one of my favourite places to go to watch a film. The only thing that annoys me about it is that they don’t serve popcorn at the cinema. What kind of sick joke is this?

Since we always catch the later show, it’s important to find somewhere nearby to eat dinner before. Usually we head to Honest Burgers, but this time we went to Electric Diner, which seems fitting since they’re connected.


I’m going to say sorry right now for the pictures. It’s dark in there, and I edited them as best as I could!

As the world’s biggest breakfast lover, it’s hard for me to see a breakfast option on the menu and not go for it. Maybe it’s the thought of having it in the evening. Or maybe it’s just that I really bloody love breakfast. I went for the Avocado on Toast with Chilli and Poached Eggs.


Yolk porn really is a glorious thing.

Ming’s friend Helena went for the Diner Hot Dog. It was squished perfectly into a brioche bun. Mmmmmm.


Mum, Daniel and Ming (yep, there were a little group of us there!) went for the Salmon with Romero Peppers and Broccoli Rabe. It also looked delicious.



Mum paired hers with a shake. She really wanted one even though she couldn’t see one on the menu without alcohol, but after chatting to the waiter she ended up with a mouth-watering Double Chocolate Shake.


As always, we also whacked some sides in the middle. The best choice came in the form of a Sweet Potato Fondant with Maple and Pecan.


Our extra health that night was a beautiful portion of Roasted Broccoli.


… Then came the not-so-healthy.

I’m off on holiday soon (my Instagram followers will soon see where!) so I was highly cautious about eating dessert. Although just so you know, this caution didn’t last long and has now fully evaporated. But it was held high this evening so give me that at least!

Temptation number one that wanted Bianca to fail was the Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich. This was a complete bastard to resist. JUST LOOK AT IT.


Next, the Knickerbocker Glory. This is Ming’s favourite. Although it’s not my ultimate, I can still appreciate how delicious it is, and it was so tall that I just wanted to dive into it.


This meant that I had to stare at them longingly, as everyone ate dessert without a care in the world. The fact that I broke and had dessert a couple of days later should make me less spiteful, but the pain is still there.


Anyway, if you’re headed to the cinema, see if you can make a booking here before since you’re right next door. And if it’s full, head to Honest Burgers. Word on the street is that they do a cracking Bloody Mary as well…

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