Dinner at Theo Randall at the InterContinental, London

As much as I love Bath, it sucks when you receive invites to cool events in London and you can’t make it. I sit there in a huff and think about my imaginary supercool social life that I believe I will possess if I was in London full-time. Some events, however, are just too good to turn down. That’s why when I got the invite to an event at Theo Randall’s restaurant at The InterContinental, there was no way I wasn’t going. See ya there, Theo.

I’ve been to the restaurant before, as you might remember. You also might remember that I first met him when I filmed an episode of a chef cooking show with him, although I hope you don’t.

The problem with cool events is that most of the time, it’s bloggers only and no plus ones. This means I had to make friends. Good thing the evening started off at the bar.



Fill her up, Danny.



I had the Fig on Flight, which went down a little too well. The chatting to people started when I actually turned to the bar, where two bloggers were standing, so I kind of turned into their conversation. Huzzah for making blogger friends!

After some chatting by the bar, we were whisked off into one of the private rooms there. Theo was absolutely lovely (as always) and greeted me by the door, asking if I’d done any more TV. Nope. Never. EVER.

He then proceeded to host a little masterclass on how to make an incredible delicious risotto. Everyone had a drink in one hand and a camera in the other.


My favourite thing about Theo’s food is the ingredients he uses. He believes in extremely fresh and extremely high quality. He works with the best.




And away we went.


Whilst it was going on, some snacks were brought out. It was like a moth to a flame. Or a Bianca to fried polenta and zucchini fritters.



I wasn’t the only one with this idea.


The drinks kept flowing, and another Fig on Flight had to be ordered.

Negroni’s aren’t really my thing, but everyone who had one raved about them. You should definitely check them out if you’re ever here.


The cooking continued, and the smell was unbearably good.



Good thing we got to try it. A little pre-meal snack (which was ridiculous, by the way – best risotto).


Yep, that’s right, PRE-MEAL. We were about to sit down for a 4-course meal. You see why I couldn’t miss this?




Oh, how I’ve missed the bread here.


I tried to hold out because of the thought of a bikini bod during my upcoming holiday, but I couldn’t resist these bad boys. I had to have one of each, just to be sure they were as delicious as they were before. They were.

Another thing that was popped in front of me was the Cape Sante – Pan fried Scottish scallops with sage, chilli, anchovies, herbs and vinegar with fried polenta and braised cime di rapa.

Instantly, panic went through me. I’d told them I was vegetarian before I came. I remembered how good they were since I had them last time I was here. I thought of a blog post by this vegan guy who wrote about how he eats oysters for various reasons. Scallops surely must fall under that category, right? Should I send it back? It’s already in front of me, I don’t want it to go to waste. If I’m going to eat them, at least I know I’m eating the best.


… I ate them. Bad vegetarian girl. They were, of course, so good, but I built them up way too much in my head. I’d put them on this untouchable shrine, and I didn’t really reach that state of euphoria that I thought I would by eating them. Oh well, no more scallops for me. At least I’ve gone out with the best!

I forgot to mention – there are wine pairings with all the courses. Wine pairings. I’d already had two cocktails, which is pretty much my turning point, being a light-weight half-asian. Goodbye, sweet world.


The second course (Primi) was the Ravioli di Erbette – Ravioli of mixed greens with sheeps ricotta and sage butter.



At least this was veggie! Hoorah! No awkwardly having to send it back. It was om nom nom delicious, but gone within three (big) bites.

And, of course, there was wine for this too.



By now I had a grand little collection going on. I drank most of them, but I’m a slow and steady drinker since I don’t want to end up on the floor, and by the time I’m 2/3 through then the next course and wine comes and I have to move onto that!


And just as I thought there was a lot going on in front of me, the next wine came out. A red, yaaaaaaassss!


I was a happy chappy. Amazing Italian food, great company of like-minded bloggers, and wine for daaaaays.


The Secondi was Arrosto di Faraona – Wood roasted guinea fowl stuffed with prosciutto di Parma, thyme, zest and Mascarpone, on pagnotta bruschetta with new season Italian peas.


Now this, I really couldn’t eat. A plate got popped in front of me, and I had to do the whole “Sorry, I’m vegetarian! I let someone know before” whilst I hoped that they didn’t think “But this bitch ate the scallop”.

A few moments later, an array of vegetables were popped in front of me. Oh look, ZUCCHINI FRITTERS!


Washed down with red, I don’t think I’ve ever had a fancier plate of solely vegetables;

Last but not least, dessert was Torta Caprese – with roasted almond ice cream.


I’m not sure which was more beautiful, the dessert or wine. It was my first ever sweet red wine, and it was delicious.


So pleased I came down to London for the night. I left very full, merry, and following a lot of new faces on Instagram.


  1. March 22, 2016 / 11:24 am

    What a treat! I love a good wine paring 🙂

    • March 27, 2016 / 5:50 pm

      Oh me toooooo, apart from I have to stumble to a taxi afterwards!

  2. Ming
    April 11, 2016 / 10:37 pm

    Kept laughing. Your blog is the best thing ever haha.

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