Dinner at Kloof Street House, Cape Town

There’s a problem that I have constantly been faced with when travelling. Since I’m a breakfast kind of gal, that’s where most of my travel research goes. I sometimes forget there are two other very important meals (well four if you count afternoon tea and dessert) that I have to think about. There’s a weigh up between being lazy and not searching for places and thus not making reservations, yet wanting to go to the coolest places since the Cape Town trip was only a couple of days. There’s only one thing to do – last minute reseach followed by several phone calls with your fingers tightly crossed.

After a couple of rejections (obviously they were full), we got a green light. Well, kind of, they said there should be tables free at 9pm. Fine by me, more time to shower and drink wine at our BEAUTIFUL Airbnb (I hope you all saw the Snapchat, I’m biancabridges if you don’t already follow me!) Next thing you know, I was patting myself on the back, having done outstanding Instagram research to find what was definitely one of the coolest restaurants. Or are all restaurants in Cape Town this cool? Somebody give me the low-down, please.





Even outside was cool. Just everything about it.



We snuggled into our seats, pretty damn hungry at this point.



And thirsty.

Not knowing what to order, I was recommended a Cucumber Mint Martini. SO delicious, definitely try this out!


I think Boy had a Negroni.


Even the water was cool. Thin glasses with thin straws.

Jeez, the weirdest things excite me.


After bonding with the waitress about how we were both veggies, we proceeded to order a big plate of oysters. Specifically, a half dozen oysters with shallot vinaigrette, cucumber caviar & lemon. I felt like I let her down, but I also had just read an article about a vegan who ate oysters, and the FOMO was killing me. Somebody stop me.



But I was a good veggie girl from then onwards. The best decision of the night was the Butternut, spinach & feta spring rolls with dukkah spiced sweet chilli sauce.


HOLY MOLY. If anyone goes here, this is a must must MUST order. I don’t care if you are a meat eater or veggie or pesci or flexi or WHATEVER YOU MUST EAT THIS.

I should have just ordered three plates and had that instead of a main, if I’m honest. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Boy had moved on to gin and tonics. He got a double shot of what turned out to be a very expensive gin (well, expensive in terms of their currency, the gin cost as much as my main course).


For mains, Boy had the Grass fed aged beef, smoked Cafe de Paris butter and hand cut fries. I think he went for the Sirloin. We ordered with the veggie waitress, and I bet she saw the evil in his eyes.



I may have stolen one too many chips than I was welcome to have.

I think it was because my main was good, but after a while it got a little bland. I got the Baked lentil & artichoke loaf, glazed goats cheese, carrot & cumin purèe.


It was nothing after those bad boy spring rolls, I’ll be honest.

Such a cool place. Highly, highly recommended. Can I stay in Cape Town longer, please?

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