Breakfast at Jason Bakery, Cape Town

There are to be no wasted meals during our stay in Cape Town. My foodie research got a little intense, from scanning different portals and platforms of social media, to cross referencing different ‘best of’ lists. I was determined to find somewhere with fantastic coffee and breakfast of equal status, and the place that ticked all of those boxes was Jason Bakery.

And oh, how it ticked all the boxes.







People were indoors, outdoors, lining up at the baked goods window, everywhere.

We grabbed a seat outside since it was a nice day (and, well, lighting).


We were planning on walking up Lion’s Head later, so we fueled ourselves with coffee.

Delicious coffee, by the way. The Internet was right.


As I was scanning the menu, I saw a waitress walk past with a plate of scrambled eggs stuffed in a croissant. My mind was set.

I couldn’t find it on the menu, but it’s Eggs Scrambled, and you just ask for it to be in the croissant. It comes with 66% sourdough rye or Bree Street sourdough otherwise, as well roasted rosa tomatoes and wild rocket. I also added some avo and mushroom ragout (BOTH DELICIOUS OMG THOSE MUSHROOMS).



Isn’t it a beauty?

Boy went for the Eggs Poached, and added some avo and bacon.



Breakfast and coffee was delicious, but I couldn’t leave without a pastry after reading so much about them.


Their Bacon Croissant is probably their most well-known baked good, and for good reason. Boy got one and it looked insaaaaane (and tasted insane, as we later found out).


I got an Apple Crumble Croissant, which was also ridiculously good.


We kept them to have later during our trek up Lion’s Head, though.



Okay, this walk was terrifying. I was on my hands and knees most of the way. It was so high up, and there are no barriers or anything, so if I stumbled I would actually fall and die. I was so scared the whole way, whilst there were little kids jumping up and down rocks and people much older doing it like it was no biggie. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

After lots of shouting “shit shit shit shit shit” the whole way up (and down, it turns out), the view was worth it. Although it was equally as terrifying getting on the edge of the top. So of course once I got there, I had to take lots of pictures as there was not a fuck that it would be happening again anytime soon.





There was one thing that made me feel a little better though…


Cape Town, you were a treat. I left with lots of great memories and a spectacular sun burn from that climb.

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