Lunch at Sexy Fish, London

You can live in London for six months and still not do everything you’ve wanted to plan or do. I’ve been back and fourth between London for longer, and my ‘list’ is still incredibly high. The satisfactory feeling when I take off something from my iPhone Notes is indescribable.

One of those things was Sexy Fish. It was my cousin Hamish’s birthday and he planned here for lunch. On one hand, I was revising for important University finals. On the other…. Sexy Fish.




It was a gorgeous space.

We rocked up to these smiling faces.


Probably smiling because they were already deep into their lunchtime cocktails.




The Edamame arrived just as we sat down. Pefect timing, if you ask me.


I was keen to get on the drinks (revision is hard, you know), so I took a plunge into their menu.




Since no one wanted to share with me (losers) and I couldn’t justify having four cocktails in front of me at one time, I just settled for the Mango & Passionfruit Bellini (which was delicious).


Boy, as you can see, opted for a beer.

Ming went for her tea.




And then. The menu.


It’s a bitch trying to find all the veggie options somewhere (especially in a restaurant that’s mostly, well, fish). I end up ordering most/all of their options and just hoping that they are all delicious, because that’s what I’m going to get.

I’m actually so sorry, it’s not good to start reviewing dishes on a food blog and you can’t actually remember what they are. I wasn’t able to eat it so I think I blocked it out of my mind. I’m PRETTY SURE this is some sort of crab dish, but feel free to comment and let me know I’m wrong and/or an idiot.


My first veggie dish was the Charred & Mixed Tomatoes, which came with Tofu Mayonnaise and Basil & Jalapeno Dressing.


I like tomatoes, but not too many of them. It’s good that all the dishes here are sharing.

What I DID like was this – Grilled Avocado with Crispy Tofu, Lime Dressing and Baby Herbs. There is good tofu and bad tofu. This was very good.


The dish was actually so good that we ordered two of them. I had to fight my way through this dish and pull the “BUT I CAN’T EAT THE OTHER DISHES” to get to it.

Then, the almighty sushi. Spot my Vegetable Maki Roll at the back there.


All the other rolls were delicious, according to the silence by the table with occassional “MMMMMM’s”.


A dish I do remember was the Prawn Gyoza with Soy and Ginger Dressing, because I remember my envy. Also I know exactly what it is so it’s easy to look it up on the menu.


And check that Crisp Duck and Watermelon ‘Sexy Salad’, with pomegranate, cashews and sakura herbs. Check me remembering dishes.


The last of the savoury dishes (before we ordered another round of our favourites) was the Langoustine Tail Tempura, with spicy cocktail sauce and ponzu.


Now, what I do remember, and probably won’t forget for a long time, are the desserts. If you’re a veggie, just hold your horses and save up for this part of the meal, because holy shit.


We had a long debate about what to order, but a minimum of four seemed right. The first was the Malted Milk & Honeycomb Ice-Cream.



Isn’t that tail adorable?

Next, OH MY GOODNESS THIS DISH WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. Vanilla Cheesecake with Rapsberries (for two), doesn’t sound like much, but this was the BEST CHEESECAKE I’ve eaten. THIS WAS SENSATIONAL I COULDN’T RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH CAN YOU SEE THAT FROM ALL THESE CAPITALS?


Ughursghovhojsoibjfxovjsvjpjspgpw too much just thinking about it.

The Cinnamon Doughnuts with chocolate sauce and citrus curd was also good, but…. Cheesecake. I couldn’t stop. I was like an animal.


Ming and Gee also were really keen to get the Mango Mochi with Mandarin and Jasmine Sorbet, which I was a bit skeptical about at first. But it was actually delicious, I’m not really a Mochi fan but I had a good few forkfulls of this baby. Then back to that cheescake.



The perfect place for Hamish’s birthday lunch. To top it all off, we got him Justin Bieber tickets. Best day ever for Hamish, but back to revision for Bianca, after a glimpse at how good life can be….

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