Breakfast at Ripplewood Resort, Big Sur

Big Sur is crazy beautiful. The drive, the views – it’s an absolute joke how stunning this place is. I’m already super keen to go back for their Folk festival there!

After researching long and hard, Ming (chief itinerary planner) booked us in to stay at Ragged Point Inn, which was the perfect stop for a night, even though my high maintenance father genuinely called it ‘camping’. But seriously, imagine waking up to this sight.


In the morning, we drove down to McWay Falls before breakfast. We didn’t do the whole trail, but I wish we had. Also, maybe then I would remember to take my camera out of the car. At least that’s space of 231984082 pictures of waterfalls that I would look at once saved from my laptop.

We planned to go to Roadhouse for breakfast, but the brekkie menu was a little limited after peaking in.


So we literally rotated 180 degrees and went across the road.



How cute is this place?



We made ourselves at home in the corner table, with the best lighting – obviously.




I was ready for a classic American middle-of-nowhere breakfast. Well, I’m sure this is centre for many people, but I felt like a lost lamb here!


I had to caffeine up for the day ahead, where we’ll probably stop in no less than 3 or 4 cities or towns in a day.


I’m pretty sure Mum went for The Big Sur Three Egg Omelette to share with Dad – Made with sautéed mushrooms, green onions, spinach, ham and jack cheese.

The waiter will ask you what kind of potatoes you want with it. It’s either hashbrown or Ripplewood potato gratin, which is mixed with sour cream and all sorts of deliciousness (I had to ask what it was). Anyway, don’t get the hashbrown, GET THE GRATIN. PICTURED BELOW ON THE RIGHT. SO GOOD I KEPT STEALING MORE THAN MY “CAN I TRY?” SHARE.



Compared to my hashbrown, which was on the crispier side, and everyone knows I’m not a crispy kind of gal (like squishy chips are the best).

I was an off-menu diva and got scrambled eggs with mushrooms. Eggs fine, a little bland – I don’t think there was any seasoning of any sort on the dish. I also loved the two bits of fruit on the side. Health is wealth, am I right?



Oh, Mum and Dad also shared a Yogurt with Seasonal Fruit and Granola.

Beautiful, no? At least you now know what to order if you want to Instagram your food!


Ming also had an omelette – The Mount Manuel. Spinach, tomato, bell peppers, red onion, mushrooms and zucchini. Oh, and she got the hashbrowns. She was also stealing Mum’s gratin.



The service was lovely, food was not bad (more seasoning is what I’d suggest) – I’d give it a go if you’re unsure about where to head to, but I’d definitely be keen to try some other places for breakfast!

Just to remind you – this was clearly the table of health here. If you want buttermilk or blueberry pancakes drenched in maple syrup, cinnamon french toast, hueovs rancheros, breakfast burrito or lots of bacon, they totally do that too!

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