Brunch at Crossroads, Los Angeles

Okay, I’m running a little low on excuses of why I haven’t put up a post in a while. But genuinely, my laptop is going crazy and claims it is always out of space (it is lying) so it won’t let me download pictures, so it’s always a pain in the ass trying to move things into my hard drive or delete things. However, I struggled through for you, and am making it up to you with not just any blog post, but the first of the America trip! And this just happened to be my FAVOURITE meal of the trip!

Vegans, say hello to heaven! And everyone else, say hello to just generally DELICIOUS food!



Ming brought us here for weekday brunch. She told me a lot about it and how the vegan celebs love it, so I was pretty excited.





Some juices, kombucha and coffees to start things off…





Dad is always amazed at how great flat whites with almond or soy milk taste. It’s very cute.

OKAY. I promised you the most ridiculous food. As in, not only was it insanely delicious, but all vegan. There’s vegan food, and there’s innovative, how-did-they-make-this, this-can’t-be-vegan-they-are-lying food. And this is it. Every dish blew my mind.

The first, the Egg Sandwich. Obviously, it’s not real egg. It’s with shiitake bacon, melted american style cheese, and is in either a choice of bagel, croissant or pastrami roll. I of course went for the croissant. My scrambled egg in croissant obsession lives another day. BUT VEGAN.




I’m sorry, but is that not the most ridiculously amazing thing? It was very small though, and I had a tough time facing facts that I had to share with everyone. There was no chance I’d be able to pull off faking that it was gross to keep it for myself.

During Ming and my investigation of the restaurant, we discovered that someone had said that Jann’s Bagel was not only the most delicious, must-order thing on the menu, but that it had the powers to turn non-vegans who thought they would need a ‘real meal’ after eating here to actually become vegan. I had to have it.

It’s an everything bagel (whatever that means) with almond cream cheese, smoked heirloom carrot lox, shaved red onions and capers.



It looked good, but didn’t looked as convincing as the croissant.

But holy crap, was I wrong. This thing was INSANE. SO DELICIOUS. THEY WERE RIGHT. MUST ORDER.

Next up, the Crossroads Benedict. Fire roasted flat bread rounds, herb chickpea panisse, sauteed kale, shiitake bacon, tomato hollandaise, and it comes with a choice of fruit or fingerling potatoes.



We went for those potatoes.



It was really good, but after the croissant and bagel which were mind-blowing, it was going to be tough to beat. But I loved every bite of everything.

Including the pasta special. I don’t remember what it was (obviously because it’s not on the menu), but it was divine.



The highlight of restaurant coolness, however, came in the form of the Chicken & Waffles. I think it’s what the restaurant is known for, simply because it is so damn crazy that they managed to make such a delicious and convincing replica of chicken. It’s fried “chicken” with waffles and warm maple hot sauce. MMMMMMM.

I asked how they made the chicken, and the waitress said it was made from soy, quinoa and vegetable protein. Seriously. How.




The most insane brunch. I would have tried all the dishes if I could. If you get the chance to go, get what you can, but make sure the bagel and chicken & waffles are in the order, followed by the croissant. LA please let me stay forever!

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