Breakfast at A Wanted Man, London

If someone asked me what Chelsea needed, the first thing I’d say is “good coffee”.

WELL OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! And not just good coffee, but so much more. Meet A Wanted Man, right in the heart of King’s Road.


They’ve absolutely nailed this theme. You’ll walk around and spot things you hadn’t noticed the first time round.







Let’s start with the coffee, shall we?

They use Common Man Coffee Roasters from Singapore (the owner is from Singapore – Cynthia Chua, who owns Ministry of Wax and Browhaus all over the world). They use amazing milks (think Bonsoy for soy milk and Rude Health for almond), so you know you’re getting a stellar, no-shortcuts cup).


I had my delicious soy flat white, whilst Ming had a tea in a beautiful pot and teacup).


And it gets better. They do food.

Most importantly, brunch.


I wanted to get the Croiffle so bad (a croissant waffle, I know), but it had Iberico chorizo in it, so I looked for what else caught my eye.

And that, my friends, is how I ended up with the Sourdough Waffle with homemade jam, peanut cream and candied pecans. 



What an absolute beauty. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

For a little health, we also went for the Avocado with boiled egg and bonito flakes (bonito flakes is fish so I asked for mine without it).


It was good, but the egg was extremely soft-boiled, and I didn’t know if it was supposed to be like that since it’s pretty common in Singapore but I’ve never seen it in London. I reckon they should specify to avoid confusion with customers who haven’t really had it that raw and runny before!

But the aesthetic surprise was the Granola Fruit Salad. Berries, banana and greek yoghurt.


What a spread for a weekday morning.


Another little surprise is that although it’s a casual coffee place downstairs, upstairs a little more exciting.

Remember I said the owner founded the Ministry of Waxing & Browhaus chain? Say hello to their newest location!


The place is perfectly in keeping with the theme.


I can assure you that their leg waxes are the most painless I’ve experienced, based on the fact that I usually cry but this time I actually didn’t. Success!

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