Breakfast at Judahlicious, San Fransisco

After picking up our pastries from Mr. Holmes, we hopped into a taxi who took us to the tourist must-see, the Golden Gate Bridge, before we chowed down for some breakfast.

He took us to a place where we got the ultimate view.


It was so windy I thought I was going to get swept away, but worth it for the shot!



Ming had a list of a few acai bowl spots for us to visit (I had some serious acai cravings). As always, there are good and bad reviews for everything, but we headed to Judahlicious in hopes of finding the best!


I enjoyed how they did their menu! Very cool.

Everything here is vegan, with lots of raw goodness.






I’m not going to sit here and lie to you, so I’ll tell you now that we scoffed a couple of pastries on the way here. So not feeling overly hungry, we got two acai bowls to share, one between Ming and I, and the other for the ‘rents.

The acai bowls are beautifully presented.



Although very pretty and great for pictures, in my opinion they didn’t taste very good – very watered down in fact. Maybe they need to add extra ice to get it to stay in that structure. Not for me, I ate the banana and granola around the side, then I was done!

If I went again I’d definitely try something else on the menu!

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