Dinner at Bohemian, New York

There’s always a reason to go to New York. This time, about a million people I knew (okay maybe like 15) were in New York at the time, and it couldn’t seem like a more perfect week to go. I think I saw more people in those few days than I have in an entire month. Ming was planning a trip over too, so it all worked out pretty well!

Milly was finishing up an internship there, and had organised dinner for Katie and I (Katie and I had both planned to go to New York at the same time too). All I knew was that it was at a place called Bohemian. I didn’t know that it was hidden behind a Japanese Butchers. I didn’t know it was an exclusive referral-only restaurant, so you can’t find their telephone number online and someone has to have brought you before if you want to make your own reservation. So New York.




It was a small place, but their menu was not messing about.

If you’re a veggie (like Katie and I) you’ll get by fine, but this place is all about the fish and the meat.



Katie wasn’t feeling too well, so what better cure than a glass of rosé when it’s this boiling hot in New York?


Milly and I went for one of their signature cocktails – the Thincumber. Shisho-leaf infused Bacardi rum, cointreau, fresh lemon juice, pickled plum juice and thin sliced cucumber.


It always so fun to reunite in a different country.



(Our friend Gabby was supposed to come too, which would have made me look like less of a loser alone on a couch/look like I was being interviewed for a job).

Milly’s must-order was the Washu-Beef Short Rib Sashimi with daikon-pickles and soy marinated garlic.



I’ve heard from others (okay, I’ve seen online) that it’s the thing to order too.

But Milly had my back and very strongly recommended a veggie dish for me. Okay, this is very strongly recommended for everybody. This dish is absolutely insane.


It’s the Bohemian Mac & Cheese with Tomato Butter Toast.






It was insane. Forget all that microwave mac and cheese crap, this is the real deal. Never have I tasted such delicious cheese in a mac and cheese. The only thing I’d ask for is more of that toast!

Another veggie winner was the Roasted Panko-Parmesan Cauliflower with Sweet Pepper Sauce.



These are clearly the ‘before’ shots, before we tore it apart – so, so good. I love cauliflower done well.

And just so I wouldn’t go hungry, some Fried Satsuma Sweet Potatoes.


I found myself dipping these in the cauliflower sauce a lot.

Milly also ordered another of her favourites – the Cazuela Garlic Shrimp with savory shrimp paste and focaccia.


It was a late order, but a great call.

I also eyed up the Farmer’s Fresh Vegetable Fondue. Their damn Thincumber was in the way of most of it though. Stalkercam refuses to quit.


We couldn’t decide what to get for dessert, so of course we had to get half the menu.


We narrowed it down to the Matcha BrownieSoba Crème Brulee and NY Cheese Cake.

However, what we didn’t expect was for it to come on a birthday platter.


As the waitress panicked, she said “It’s someone’s birthday, right?”. Without the heart to tell her it wasn’t, Milly points at me and says “HERS”. Another unofficial birthday strikes again.

If you manage to go here, you’re in for an absolute feast. From the little plates we had (and not even on the meat/fish stuff which is clearly going to be phenomenal), you’re in for one of the best meals. I’d say fill up on as much as you can on the menu and forgo dessert if you have to!

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