Dinner at Bone Daddies, London

I absolutely love blogging about food. If I wasn’t blogging about it, things wouldn’t be hugely different – I’d still go out to eat at different places all the time and try new things.

But you know what one of my favourite things about blogging is? Seeing an absolutely massive line outside a restaurant and knowing you’re about to try something delicious (good food and skipping lines are very much up there on my favourite things).


The space isn’t small but it’s tight. If there’s a little space that a person can fit in, they are probably eating there.





Boy and I snuggled up between couples on a long shared table.


We were ramen ready.


And sparkling sake! Can’t go to a bone daddies restaurant without a bottle of this.


Boy said he wanted a beer, but ended up stealing lots of sake when he was done.

Get your own…


Word on the street is that the spicy pig bones is what’s good, but as I’m a veggie, it was the Chilled Tenderstem Broccoli for us! Isn’t Boy a lucky one?


He did get the Korean Fried Chicken Wings, which is another thing to get here.


We also got a kushikatsu – the Cheesy Japanese Potato Salad.

Since Boy had the chicken to himself, he said this one was all mine. Which was amazing, because after one bite I didn’t want to share. They bring you sauces as well for some dippin’ lovin’.



After the starters, make sure you have room for the main event.

And the main event, my friends, is ramen. Oh, ramen.


The only veggie option they have is the Vegetarian Mushroom Ramen with mushrooms, tofu, garlic, thyme and egg in a mushroom broth.


It’s delicious, but the mushroom broth was a little dark tasting for me.

Boy had the Tantanmen – sesame, chilli, pork mince, chashu pork and bok choy.





Both the starter snacks and ramen was so yummy, but this part honestly blew my mind.

It was the mochi. I don’t usually like mochi. I’m usually not very interested at all. BUT LOOK AT ALL THESE FLAVOURS.


I knew I had to try at least a couple. But how can you pick from that list?

We managed to narrow it down to… five. Salted Caramel, Raspberry, Hazelnut, Chocolate and Mango.


Holy moly, they were delicious. Don’t ask me for a favourite, because I actually loved them all. And perfectly cut into two to share! But trust me, you won’t want to.

Just make sure you manage to get in before the lines, but if you do end up queuing, at least there’s a warm bowl of ramen there waiting for you when you get inside!

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  1. Ming
    July 29, 2016 / 9:36 pm

    look at dat mochi 😐

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