Dinner at Bouchon, Las Vegas

First off, note that my family are lovers of good food and good service (if you haven’t picked that up already). Secondly, note that my Dad is the kind of person who will ask you for your opinion even though he already knows what he wants. So when he said he was in the mood for Teppanyaki on our first night in Vegas, there was no point in suggesting anything else. Since it was last minute, the hotel booked us in the only place available – Benihana. The service wasn’t good. The food wasn’t good (especially for the veggies out there – my tofu was actually awful). Papa Bridges wasn’t very happy.

So as Food and Beverage Manager of the Bridges family, I knew whatever I booked for our last night, it had to be the best. And that’s exactly what I got.


Note that I researched long and hard. Bouchon is a restaurant where you’re almost guaranteed good food, good wine, and a good time.








Our table wasn’t ready inside, but there was one available outside. It was such a nice evening that we were more than happy to.

There was also an event going on right next door, so we soaked up their live music happily.



What to eat….




The first thing that arrived was some pistachios and butter.

What’s the butter for?


For this. Homemade, warm bread.

SO delicious.



And what better to go with bread than some great red wine?

Correction: Great red wine goes with everything. Obviously.



Including oysters.

If you’re an observant ollie and noticed the oyster board in the picture near the start of the post, you’ll have seen that they had 4 different types of oysters. How will you know which is best if you don’t try them all?


And of course, oysters come with some flavour boosters.


Is this not the smallest, cutest tabasco you’ve ever seen?!


Dad has basically stopped eating meat apart from fish, so his eyes usually go straight for the seafood options.

He went for the Truite Amandine – sautéed Idaho rainbow trout with haricots verts, toasted almonds and beurre noisette.



Mama Bridges can never resist some moules.

In particular, Moules au Safran – Main bouchot mussels steamed with white wine, Dijon mustard & saffron, served with French fries.


Oh, the fries.

I’m not going to lie, these then became the table fries. Sorry, Mum. Just look at Dad going in for the kill.



Ming and I couldn’t decide what we wanted. On one hand, we should get a nice salad. On the other hand, we needed carbs. It was the perfect split.

One Salade Maraîchère au Chèvre Chaud, please. Mixed greens, warm goats cheese and herbes de Provence with red wine vinaigrette.



Oh, and some Pâtes du Jour. That’s fresh hand-made pasta.


When it arrived, I thought it looked like some pasta you’d make at home. So simple and almost child-like. But I was wrong and I take it back – it was delicious.

You know what else was delicious? Dessert. The waiter said they were known for their desserts, so that’s exactly what we were going to get. First up was a dessert special. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I heard the words “Chocolate Brownie” followed by a strong recommendation and we were sold.


The second dessert to share was the Marquise au Chocolat – 64% chocolate mousse, chocolate shortbread crust and vanilla creme anglaise.


I think my parents could have eaten anything and they would have considered it an improvement from the first night. But it’s safe to say I got (lapped up) a lot of praise.

Vegas, till next time!

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