Dinner at RedFarm, New York

I’d planned our New York food itinerary pretty tightly. But when I was recommended RedFarm for some of New York’s best dumplings, I had to make room. Dumplings rule my heart.

Bridget had come from Boston to see me (what a girl, am I right?), so it was us, Frankie, Ming, as well as Frankie’s friend Matt from University who was working in New York. A solid group of us!


To me, it was the perfect size of a restaurant.






Dim sum, I’m ready for you.


The only thing I noticed was there wasn’t the largest amount of vegetarian options, but I’m pretty used to that at dim sum options. There were still a few, so it wasn’t impossible.

Anyway, such a reunion with multiple people called for cocktails.



Unfortunately, none for me. I wasn’t feeling too great, so it was honey and lemon tea for me (literally ask for hot water, some honey and lemon).


Still, we were all smiles!



It’s a sharing place (as dim sum usually is), but since I was veggie, I was on my own.

The first to arrive was one of mine – the Bok Choy and Mushroom Dumplings.


It was good, but a bit deep-fried for me. I like my dumplings steamed.

Like these, if I were to eat meat. Frankie and Matt got the Pork & Crab Soup Dumplings, which is basically xiao long bao. They’d never had them before so didn’t know what to expect (spoiler: delicious).




I’ve heard these are one of the must-eat dumplings in New York. So make sure you don’t forget these if you visit!

Next was the Pan-Fried Pork Buns. I expected a bao, so I was really surprised when this arrived. Apparently these were also absolutely insane.


My favourite dish that arrived (not that I had it, but visually) had to be the ‘Pac Man’ Shrimp Dumplings.






It literally just shouts to be Instagrammed. For those who want a super-cute lunch, the Crispy Duck & Crab Dumplings and Shrimp & Snow Pea Leaf Dumplings are also fitted with cute eyes on each dumpling.

For Bridget, she ordered the Five Flavor Chicken Dumplings which actually came in a plate.



I can’t exactly remember what she said about it, but I remember her very happily eating this up.

My last dish (I wasn’t overly hungry from all the NYC snacking) was the Crunch Vegetable & Peanut Dumplings.



I was hoping it would make up for me not being into the first vegetable dumplings, but these weren’t for me either.. The vegetables were far too chunky inside as well.

So naturally, the way to turn was dessert, specifically the Chocolate Pudding.


It was thick and chocolatey, so two ticks if you love that. For me, I like a light and more airy chocolate mousse (as did everyone else), so they put their spoons down pretty earlier and Bianca had to pick up all the pieces (finish the mousse).

Regardless, everyone was pretty damn happy with their meal.


Well, everyone but the veggie. Definitely such a great spot and you’ll have the time of your life if you’re a meat eater, but I’d give the veggie options a miss here (well, the dim sum at least, I didn’t try the rest on the menu).

Also keep an eye on the price as you’re ordering, as it’s so easy to go overboard on the dishes and get hit with the damage at the end!

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