Dinner at The Mint Room, Bath

You might have seen on my IG that I tossed my hat up graduation-style a couple of weeks ago! After 4 years of studying, the day that I’d put on a hat, robe and watch my Mum cry would come. The thing was, my graduation was at 10am, which meant that I had to be seated by 9 and registered at 8 – which meant I had to be up super early. There was no way I’d be coming from London, so we all came to Bath the night before.

I used this opportunity to book somewhere for dinner in Bath that I hadn’t been before but had been on my list for 4 solid years – The Mint Room.


It was so nice to be joined by everyone I love.




I used to order all the dishes for my family, but since becoming a veggie, it’s been a little more difficult since if it were up to me, we’d all not be eating any animals. My Dad likes when I order for him, but now the pressure is back on.

That’s why he was pretty happy when he spotted the mixed platter. A little of everything in one order!


What he doesn’t mind picking is the wine.

If I trust him with anything at a restaurant, it’s that. Picking the best wine.


He also picks himself a good beer. Good for you, Papa.


The waiter brought a little plate of goodness to start off with.

I always find my favourite of the dips and I’m stuck.


Oh, and there we go with the food.

My Vegetarian Platter For Two – Aloo Brie Tikka, Vegetable Samosa, Onion Bhaji and Paneer Tikka with Tamarind and Mint Sauces.


And everyone else’s Mixed Platter For Two – Chicken Tikka, Lamb Seekh Kebab, Salmon Tikka and Aloo Brie Tikka with Tamarind and Mint Sauces.



Oh, and this is the Onion Bhaji that was left off my veggie platter. 



There were only a couple of veggie options on the menu, so I guess I knew what I was eating!

Well, there were two mains, so I guess Boy was sharing with me! First up, the Masala Dosa. A light Dosa pancake, filled with spiced mashed potato tempered with turmeric and mustard seeds, served with vegetable sambar and chutney.



It was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be (but delicious). Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten so much of my Veggie Platter.

The second dish we were sharing was the Palak Kofta. A spinach and onion dumpling in a tangy, creamy, tomato and cashew nut sauce.



The dumplings were delicious, but it kind of tasted like it was just in a tomato soup.

I don’t really remember what the others ordered, but I do remember this. It was a Biryani. Don’t ask me which one, but their special Mint Room Biryanis are served steaming hot, under a hot pastry crust with cucumber Raita.





Holy moly.

Then they also ordered a couple of curries. When I said I didn’t remember what they got, I meant it. Sorry. But here are some photos!





But as the Bridges Family Food & Beverage Manager, I still made sure I do the sides.

Hello, Sag Paneer! It’s a creamy mixture of spinach and paneer (and also my favourite). I ordered two bowls. That good.


Oh, and a bit of rice.


And bread for DAYS.

Up in there is some Tandoori Roti, Plain Naan and Chilli and Garlic Naan (apart from my Mum asked for it without the chilli, so it’s just garlic).


After stuffing ourselves full, we had to say no to dessert.

But then this came. HOW DID THEY KNOW?





So friggin nice of them.

The mint chocolate chip ice-cream was actually delicious. But don’t try to eat the congratulation sign – it’s made of mint sauce. Which Boy found out. Thanks, Boy.


So much for everyone being full.

And then to finish it all off, chocolatey minty gold foil-wrapped goodness!


The perfect pre-graduation meal. Maybe not a slimming one, but let’s be honest, that was never really an option, am I right? You know me too well.

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